Best Home Espresso Machine 2023; 22 Top Model Reviews

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Here in this article “Best Home Espresso Machine” we’ve rounded up 22 of the top espresso makers of various types, specifications, and budget. Below, you’ll find in-depth reviews of each, as well as an elaborate buying guide for the best models.

There’s nothing like starting your day with a warm soothing cup of Espresso, a rich dark blend that wakes up your taste buds, and your spirits, and gets you ready for what lies ahead in the day. Served in a variety of drinks, espressos are made by machines that send pressurized hot water through finely-ground coffee beans—thus, the quality of the drink is dictated in large part by the quality of the machine that brews it. 

Espresso makers used to be the province of expensive French Baristas and snooty corner coffee shops with twin-tailed mermaids for a logo. Today some of the best home espresso machines in the world can be found sitting on shelves in homes and businesses with names like De’Longhi, Cuisinart,Inissia & Breville.

We’ve researched everything you need to know about buying a new espresso machine for your home or office. We have scoured through the details, reviews and specifications of 36 of the best selling home espresso machines and selected the best 22 espresso machines and categorized them according to our reader’s specifications.

We have also included an elaborate buying guide after the reviews which include topics like – How to choose an home espresso machine, types of espresso machines, features to look for and variety of beverages that you can make with a best home espresso machine.

During our testing we made and sampled scores of espresso shots, double shots, lattes and cappuccinos. We also took into account other things like water reservoir and storage, grinding capabilities, frother length and its ability to steam milk and more, quality of foam produced and more.

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Best Home Espresso Machine - Buying Guide

best home espresso machine

Served in a variety of drinks, espressos are made by machines that send pressurized hot water through finely-ground coffee beans—thus, the quality of the drink is dictated in large part by the quality of the machine that brews it.

Traditionally, the best espresso has been brewed in coffee shops with industrial-grade equipment. Today, continued innovation in the at-home espresso brewing industry has led to the creation of high-quality machines that can contend with some of the best baristas out there.

There are a lot of good machines out there, but what works for one person may not be the best choice for another. Before you make any decisions, take a look at this guide to buying the best home espresso machine.

Factors To Consider In A Good Home Espresso Machine

What makes a good espresso machine? What should you look for when comparing models? And how much should you expect to pay for the best home espresso machine?

With so many different brands, models, and features to consider, it is natural for anyone to feel confused and intimidated. If you are ready to take the plunge and invest in a home espresso machine, here are 10 factors to consider before buying an espresso machine.

1. Your drink preferences

Most espresso fans will agree that this is a richer, stronger, and creamier version of coffee and quality of brew matters the most.

If you are a beginner, you will probably be satisfied with the quality of brew offered by any decent home espresso machine.

However, if you are someone who appreciates the finer things about a cappuccino or mocha, you need to consider a lot of other factors. The number of boilers present in a machine can have a huge impact on quality.

If you prefer large milk drinks, you will most likely need a dual boiler or heat exchanger machine, unless you are only making one drink at a time. If you like straight espressos or Americanos, a single boiler machine will do the trick.

Other factors include whether the machine uses steam pressure, the highest temperature a machine can reach and whether it can stay steady at that temperature.

2. Cost of the machine

This is perhaps one of the most important things to know before buying a home espresso machine. If you look into the various models available, you can see that they fall into a broad spectrum of the price range.

The factors vary so widely that it is difficult to generalize the models into different categories.

In some higher end models, you’re paying more for durability and quality of materials.

In others, the higher cost may have more to do with extra features they include. Sometimes you’re paying for ease of use, other times for better tasting espresso that still takes a while to make. The really costly models are usually combining several of these things.

3. How often will you use the machine

The number of espressos you will make in a day is an important factor to consider while choosing an espresso machine for yourself.

Is this for a single morning cup, or will you use it throughout the day for multiple drinks? Will you entertain friends and family and need to make back to back drinks?

For single morning drinks, a single boiler or small dual boiler will be adequate. If you make multiple back to back drinks during the day a larger dual boiler machine will likely be preferable.

4. Size of the machine

The question to ask here is – whether you have cabinet clearance constraints or enough space on your kitchen counter top for either your espresso machine and the integrated grinder.

If you don’t drink coffee daily, you should find out how easy it would be to store the espresso machine you would like. A large home espresso machine could be difficult to store safely.

5. Durability

You should know how much the home espresso machine can handle before purchasing it. A professional-grade espresso machine should be able to work all day without malfunctioning.

You will be shelling out a lot of money to buy an espresso machine, so it makes sense to consider how long the product will last.

Most of the high-end models come with a manufacturer warranty that can give you a fair idea of the machine’s durability.

You may also check the brand reputation and customer reviews to get a picture of the life expectancy of specific models.

The type of material the machine is made of can also make a difference, espresso machines largely made of metals will tend to last longer, as well as maintain heat in a more efficient manner. And the more highly automated models with a lot of electric parts will likely need repairs more often than manual espresso machines.

best home espresso machine

6. Aesthetics

The factors that make a home espresso machine aesthetically pleasing shouldn’t stop at whether it would look nice on your kitchen countertop, coffee table, or dining table.

There are several other critical factors, including spout placement, cord length, and what color or material the exterior has.

7. Ease of use

Many espresso fanatics among us love having more control in their hands while brewing their espresso, while there are others who wish for an automated device to take the guesswork out of making a delicious cappuccino.

If you prefer the ease of use over anything else, look for models that can make the most complicated espresso drinks at the push of a button.

People who don’t have much time to indulge in the coffee brewing rituals in the morning may buy an automated home espresso machine that comes with programmable settings.

Make sure the espresso machine has intuitive controls and easy to use and understand features before you buy.

8. Ease of cleaning

If you end up with a model that’s easy to use but a pain to clean, then it’s not actually all that convenient after all. Make sure you have an idea of what will be involved in cleaning your home espresso machine before you buy it so you know how involved the process will be.

Find out how easy the espresso machine you would like could be disassembled and reassembled. Cleaning the espresso machine can be a chore, but it is necessary to do every so often to keep it operating at a high level.

9. Safety

The temperature of each espresso machine’s exterior as it brews matters. Most machines become warm to the touch but don’t burn.

Still, this is something you’ll want to be aware of when choosing your home espresso machine. A status light that tells you when the machine is on can also help prevent accidental burns, in case you inadvertently press buttons. Makers with an auto shut-off feature receive more credit in our reviews than those without one.

Features To Consider When Buying An Espresso Machine

best home espresso machine

Above we talked about important factors that you’ll need to keep in mind when you are buying a home espresso machine. However, some models come equipped with some extra features that may persuade you while you’re shopping around. Here are a few extra features that you should consider.

1. Built-In Coffee Grinder

There are two main reasons to purchase a machine with a built-in grinder: 1) convenience and 2) quality.

Often, the quality of grind with a built-in grinder will be superior to the grind on a separate machine. If you spend enough to get a machine with this feature, it is more likely to be well-made and durable.

When it comes to convenience, it is just so quick and easy to have the machine do everything for you: store the beans, grind them and then automatically drop them into the portafilter.

2. Water storage

Most espresso machines can hold enough water for making up to 8 cups of espresso. If you need more than that you are making a ton of espresso.

Some machines have water tanks with small filling spouts. For these machines it is handy to have a funnel.

Large, high-end espresso machines are designed to connect to a water source, like a refrigerator with a water dispenser.

Before you purchase this type of an espresso machine find out if you need your piping rerouted just to accommodate it.

3. Frothing wand

Most home espresso machines can make espresso-based drinks like, lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos. If you like these brews make sure you purchase an espresso machine that comes with a frother which froths the pressurized milk.

Most espresso machines come with the frother unless you are going for a really low budget machine. Just be aware that some of the cheaper ones do not have it and only make espresso.

4. Cup warmer

If you want your cup to help keep your espresso warm, rather than seeping the warmth out if it, a cup warmer is a nice feature.

The cups must be kept dry and warm in order to maintain the temperature and the nice color of the espresso cream longer. For this reason we usually place them on the cup warmer grill located on the top of each espresso machine.

5. Programmable settings

Once you know how you like your espresso best, you can program the machine and make it easier on yourself in the future. Some machines will let you program settings for multiple individuals, so everyone in the family can make their perfect shot more easily.

Most programmable home espresso machines have an LCD display and then there are buttons or dials that let you select the time you wish to program. Many machines also let you choose the desired strength and amount.

6. Water filter

Once you know how you like your espresso best, you can program the machine and make it easier on yourself in the future. Some machines will let you program settings for multiple individuals, so everyone in the family can make their perfect shot more easily.

Most programmable home espresso machines have an LCD display and then there are buttons or dials that let you select the time you wish to program. Many machines also let you choose the desired strength and amount.

7. Included accessories

The best home espresso machines include most of the pieces you need to get started right away. Also, some of the best cappuccino makers are either super automatic or pod machines that don’t require the extra bits.

Some manufacturers include a pitcher for frothing milk so you can make a cappuccino or mocha right out of the box.

The semi-automatic home espresso machines include at least one portafilter, but some may include a second one or a pod-adaptable filter. Most makers also come with a tamping tool, and some include a measuring spoon.

Home Espresso Machine reviews

Best Rated 

Breville the Barista Express 

The Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine is among the best semi-automatic home espresso machines which can be easily used by beginners and have highly customizable controls for experienced baristas. Because it is not entirely automatic, you too get to play barista at home.

It’s quite easy to use and keep clean, plus it has an attractive stainless-steel design.

It features an integrated conical burr grinder & ½ pound bean hopper which maximizes the surface area of the grind which optimizes the extraction of flavour from the bean.

With Breville BES870XL you get 4 filter baskets when with the barista express – pressurized and non-pressurized versions of a single and double filter. You could also call them single or double walled baskets.

The Breville Barista Express has a modern brushed stainless steel finish. Button and knob-based controls make this an exceedingly intuitive machine.

The compact machine is approximately twice the size of a regular coffee maker and can be easily integrated into many kitchens.

This best home espresso machine has a special tamper with a magnetized lock that can be used attached to the machine, if you intend to work with a double-wall filter. You can also detach the tamper if you prefer a manual tamp or are using a single-wall filter.

It features a digital temperature control that delivers water at precisely the right temperature, ensuring optimal espresso extraction.

The BES870XL has a hands-free portafilter holder. On pushing the portafilter inside the cradle, all the ground espresso will be sent straight towards the filter. Since it is an automated system, the grinding will stop automatically on dispensing the required coffee amount.

The Breville Barista is not just best for espresso but it is one of the best home espresso machines for cappuccino & latte too.

Its efficient commercial-style 360 degree swivel steam wand allows you to hand texture micro foam milk that enhances flavor and enables creation of perfect latte art.

The custom controls on the Breville BES870XL give you several ways of modifying your espresso shot, so you can dial it in at a high level.

The Dose control lets you vary the grind amount in each cup, between 19 and 22g of ground coffee, which defines the coffee-to-water ratio.

The Grind size control lets you choose from 16 levels of fineness, which affects the extraction and flavor of your espresso.

The Barista Express has a 15-bar pump and thermocoil heating system to make brewing and frothing simple.

Pre-programmed espresso options allow you to make a single or double shot by simply pressing the corresponding button.

The Breville Barista Express features a 67oz. removable reservoir and comes with a carbon resin water filter for clean water and great tasting espresso.

The Breville Barista Express is perfect for both home use as well as for a small commercial establishment.

  • Built-in grinder
  • Beginner friendly
  • Good value for money
  • High-quality espresso, cappuccino & latte
  • Great for latte art
  • Conveniently designed
  • Customizable settings
  • Coffee sludge
  • Requires regular cleaning

Best For Cappuccinos

DeLonghi EC702

The De’Longhi EC702 is a pretty solid choice for an entry-level home espresso machine. It’s competitively priced and its Stainless steel components give the espresso machine a hardy, durable look.

The machine comes with the kit to allow for both single and double shots. Also, you can use either fine, loose grounds or ESE pods.

The machine has a self-priming operation, allowing the boiler to heat up and prepare for brewing on its own.

The De’Longhi has a patented dual-thermostat system so you can monitor and set the temperatures for the steam wand and the water tank separately.

Also, you have control over the amount of coffee you want to brew at once with both single and double pressurized filter baskets. Thanks to the machine’s consistent thermoblock heating mechanism and optimization for brewing more than once with every use, you can count on good espresso cup after cup.

Best Home Espresso Machine

DeLonghi EC702 is a 15-Bar-pump machine that is integrated with a Cappuccino System frother. It makes it easy for you to make cappuccino, latte as well as coffee.

Due to its 15-bar pump, it creates a perfect pressure which extracts out the full flavor of coffee. The 1.3 liters and 44 oz water reservoir are removable for fast water refilling.

The De’Longhi EC702 is ESE (easy-serve-espresso) pod compatible, so you can easily pop in an espresso pod if you don’t have time to grind your beans.

The EC702 is the best home espresso machine for cappuccino on our list as it features a “Rapid Cappuccino System” which allows you to brew your cappuccino, steam and froth milk, and then go immediately back to brewing to prepare yet another cappuccino, latte or other frothy beverage of choice.

  • No fuss, or confusing extra features
  • Comes with cup warmer
  • Easy to use, beginner friendly
  • Rapid Cappuccino System
  • Pressurized portafilters and Pannarello steam wand require no skill to use
  • Pulls a very hot shot
  • Sturdy build with some stainless steel components
  • Compact, lightweight, good looking machine
  • Not suitable for professional baristas
  • Can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes to heat up

Best Automatic

Jura ENA 1 Automatic

The Jura ENA Micro 1 is an espresso-only bean-to-cup machine with a compact design. It can make espresso from both ground coffee and beans.

Jura ENA Micro 1 is a great choice for your coffee habit as well as for your kitchen. It’s not only good in appearance but also makes an amazing cup of rich coffee, espresso through its highly advanced brewing system.

It is ultra-easy to use and with consistency, every time a delicious cup of your favorite beverage pours into the cup.

The Jura Micro 1 is the best looking home espresso machine on our list. It’s clear symmetrical shapes, harmonious lines, and thoughtful details give the espresso machine an attractive appearance, so it will look great in any kitchen.

Although it’s primarily made of plastic, it’s a reliable home espresso machine. Its boiler is made of stainless steel-line aluminum with Thermoblock design.

It has a 37oz. water reservoir located at the back of the machine.

Even though the water tank is at the back of the machine, you can easily remove it since the machine is quite easy to maneuver.

The bean hopper, with 5 oz. capacity, comes with an aroma preservation cover. It even has ventilation slots on top of the machine.

There are multi-level grinders along with a micro brewing unit that makes it certain that ultimate espresso is achieved every single time.

best automatic home espresso machine

One thing is for certain that every time the same high-quality will be delivered by the machine and it is guaranteed that you won’t be complaining about different tastes ever.

Its zero-energy switch keeps the machine from drawing power when it’s turned off.

It also comes with two modes to help you save even more energy. One mode sends the machine to standby mode after several minutes of inactivity, and the other turns it off completely after 120 minutes of inactivity.

The Jura ENA 1 is one of the best home espresso machine under $1000 as it’s among the smallest single-cup brewer and only weighs under 20 pounds.

It has an adjustable coffee spout to accommodate larger containers like travel mugs.

The Jura ENA Micro 1 features Pulse Extraction Process which is Jura’s exclusive extraction process that lets the machine pulses pressure to the brew unit to have optimal extraction. Hence, you can get a consistent, nuanced flavor of your coffee, cup after cup.

Although it’s simply-designed, you can still make a few tweaks and changes for the cup size and the dose levels. For the volume, you can choose either ristretto, espresso or large coffee drinks. For the coffee strength levels, there are two levels — from eight to 10 grams of ground coffee.

  • Exceptionally beautiful design
  • Very hot and super rich espresso
  • Individually adjustable cup filling amount
  • Separate compartment for ground coffee
  • Icons displayed makes it user-friendly
  • Durable product
  • Integrated cleaning system
  • Built-in Burr grinder 
  • Often residual drips after carafe removal
  • There is no hot water dispenser or cappuccino frother

Best Under $100

Hamilton Beach Espresso Machine

The Hamilton Beach Espresso Machine Model 40715 enables you to make wonderfully delicious rich lattes, cappuccinos, espresso, and mochas in your own kitchen any time you want. It will enable you to froth milk for a variety of authentic coffee house style coffee beverages.

The espresso machine is easy to operate and affordable, has patented Slide and Lock technology to ensure café-quality results, choose either finely ground espresso or a pod, and use the selector dial for espresso and steam functions.

The Hamilton Beach Espresso Machine lets the user serve two different cups of espresso at once because it has two brewing head spouts that let you serve up two cups at once.

The water reservoir holds 40 ounces of water and you can even add more water even while the machine is still on. You also can use your favorite ground coffee or choose from a variety of pre-measured ESE coffee pods.

The Hamilton Beach Espresso Machine is extremely easy to use with its simple push button operation.

This home espresso machine is also very easy to clean with its removable drip tray, frothing nozzle, cup rest, filter holder, brewing head, and water reservoir. All the machine parts can be easily and quickly removed for cleaning.

  • Powerful 15-bar pump
  • Dual-shot brewing
  • Loud
  • High vibration

Best For Lattes

Breville the Infuser

Breville Infuser is a mid-priced semi-automatic espresso machine that always satisfies your morning coffee cravings. It also makes great froth to complement the absolute best home-brewed espresso you’ve ever tasted. The Infuser is no doubt one of the best home kitchen espresso machine.

This machine is as beautiful as it is efficient with bold stainless steel casing and equipment, smooth edges and clean lines. It’s an ideal semi-automatic home brewing option from a company that knows their business when it comes to brewing coffee.

The machine also has a designated outlet for external hot water, which means you can make so much more than just espresso.

The steam wand to the right of the hot water outlet has 360 swivel action so you can effortlessly froth milk and accommodate different sizes of frothing containers.

The Infuser is the best home espresso machine for lattes, cappuccinos and latte arts on our list.

This frother/steam wand that is included in the Infuser will allow you to make hot chocolate, a fast Americano or use the frother to make some cool latte art.

The biggest selling point for the appropriately named Infuser is the pre-infusion feature, which evenly coats espresso grounds at a low pressure before beginning full extraction.

One of the many keys to the art of making a quality espresso is to ensure that your espresso grinds are evenly extracted. The goal of pre-infusion is to saturate the coffee grounds with a controlled volume so that each grind then extracts at the same rate.

The pre-infusion feature, in addition to the internal PID temperature control and 15 bar pump, is what makes the Infuser a quality home espresso machine.

This machine comes with a single boiler with a thermocoil heating system that uses PID technology to regulate the water temperature. On average, it takes about 30 seconds for the machine to heat up, 15-second shift from extraction to milk-steaming mode.

The thermocoil heating system circulates the water you use through a coil, regulating the water temperature for you and allowing you to make minute temperature adjustments to the Breville Infuser at will.

It has a 61oz. removable water tank which is located at the back of the machine. At the top is the cup warming tray.

The auto-purge function will prompt you to clean with an “Empty me” notice, making it easy to know when to clean.

  • Produce great-tasting espresso and froth
  • PID control guarantees stable temperature during extraction
  • Low-pressure pre-infusion great to get the aroma and crema of the espresso
  • Auto purge function is outstanding
  • Hot water outlet allows you to heat your cup or make other drinks
  • Has a steeper learning curve
  • Lack of dual boiler means you cannot steam and extract at the same time 

Best For Beginners

Delonghi Dedica Deluxe

The De’Longhi EC685M offers a manual latte brewing experience in a small package, and makes some pretty tasty espresso shots too.

The EC685M makes a great beginner’s home espresso machine, if you want to try out making cafe style coffee at home.  It is a good looking, sleek machine that you can probably find space for in your kitchen. 

The machine has an adjustable frother to alter various levels of steam and milk to make different flavors of coffee. It has an auto-shutdown feature that conforms to whatever espresso volume could be filled over your cups. 

If you have large and tall cups, then don’t panic, this latte machine has a double dip tray to help you with that.

The Delonghi Dedica Deluxe EC685M can also be used with ground espresso as well as ESE  (easy-to-serve) pods, meaning it is perfect for a first time user. 

Best Home Espresso Machine

Ground espresso is probably the choice you ought to end up making, as it’s cheaper. But it’s nice to have the option for ESE pods when you’re in a rush so that you don’t make a mess.

The Delonghi Dedica Deluxe EC685M has stainless steel casing and has been designed with the beginners in mind. The machine is slim line and sleek looking, and doesn’t take up too much space on your counter.

The top of the machine can be used as a cup warmer which we always like and it looks elegant in the kitchen. 

There are three buttons on the top for single shot, double shot and steam, but it doesn’t feel overly plastic or engineered, which is often a problem with cheaper machines.

The back of the machine houses a removable water container that can hold enough water to make several beverages. The steam spout is located on the right side of the body, with an on/off dial above it. Directly on the spout is a rubber switch, which determines how much foam your milk will have when you steam it. 

The front of the machine has a metal portafilter that looks and feels like a professional-grade filter. It has a good weight to it and makes you feel like a real barista when you’re using it.

The EC685 comes with three filter baskets, a removable drip tray and stand, and a plastic scoop/tamper. 

  • Stylish and compact
  • Utilizes both ground espresso and ESE pods
  • Convenient way to have a variety of espresso drinks at home
  • No grinder

Best Portable 


The STARESSO Portable Espresso Maker is an award winning portable espresso and cappuccino maker designed to work manually without the need for a power source.

The STARESSO Espresso Maker provides good espresso and a way to froth milk in a package that is about the size of a 20-ounce soda bottle. Although small it is capable of producing 15-20 Bar of pressure for crema for delicious espresso and other 5 variations of coffee styles.

This is the ideal espresso machine for the person who is on the go or travels a lot and doesn’t want to leave home without their espresso. The Staresso portable coffee maker is extremely compact, very simple to use and is extremely fast, which makes it the best espresso machine for camping. It is perfectly suitable for hikers, campers, at the office, travel for business and pleasure.

Although it’s a manual espresso machine that requires you to use a bit of your muscles, the good news is that – the pumping isn’t too arduous. Most shots only take about a dozen pumps to brew. The same is true when using the milk frothing function.

According to its manual, it can accommodate about 10 grams of grounds. Additionally, the water reservoir has a max capacity of 3.38 fluid ounces, but for safety reasons, the allowed operating volume per procedure is limited to 2.7 fl oz.

The Staresso Portable Coffee Maker resembles a vacuum flask. There’s a glass cup on the bottom to catch the coffee and a hand pump that is attached to the top that pops out with a little push.

Since its included glass shot glass sits right inside the machine, you don’t have to worry about holding the unit perfectly steady as you pump.

  • Impressive and robust build quality
  • Can make consistent tasting espresso shots
  • Highly portable and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Sensitive controls that can be used by even kids and the elderly
  • Pumping can be noisy
  • May leak occasionally

Best Pod Espresso Machine

Nespresso Vertuo 

If you like the taste and convenience of Nespresso but think the pods are too small for a knock-your-socks-off dose of caffeine, consider the alternative, Nespresso Vertuo system. Where the contents of a standard Nespresso capsule weigh in at a pretty paltry four grams, a single-shot Vertuo espresso capsule contains a much more substantial seven grams.

But it doesn’t stop there because the whole concept of the Vertuo system is to provide a range of coffee styles and five different pod sizes to suit everyone.

Nespresso’s coffee pods use enticing colors, and while the machine looks pretty low-key, it’s deceptive. Clicking the silver leaver at the front raises the top of the machine, where you leave the coffee pod to spin up to 7000 times a minute to blend ground coffee and water to produce the perfect crema.

The tiny dashes on the sides of the pod are actually a barcode – the machine reads this to tailor its blending technique to suit the capsule.

best home espresso machine

The Vertuo range is made up of three different sized capsules capable of delivering five different types of extraction: Espresso, Double Espresso, Gran Lungo, Mug and extra large Alto. The single-shot Espresso capsule produces 40ml of coffee, the Double Espresso 80ml, the Gran Lungo 150ml, the Mug 230ml and the Alto a whopping 414ml.

As explained above, each capsule comes with a different barcode which the machine reads before extracting the perfect dose.

There’s no getting around it, the Vertuo pods make great-tasting coffee. From crema to decent espresso and long blacks, it gets close to doing it all. And there’s no “adding two pods to get a bigger coffee” vibe of pods of yore.

The Nespresso VertuoPlus by Breville’s compact design makes it easy to keep on your countertop or store where space is limited. It boasts a 40-ounce water tank that can swivel out easily.

The motorized head opens with a light lift, different from traditional Keurig machines that often require a forced push and thus increase the chance of wear and tear.

The machine can also automatically eject the used capsules into a hidden container, saving you from burning your fingertips by manually taking out the pods.

For the eco-conscious latte lovers, the capsules can be dropped off at various collection sites and their boutique retail stores for the manufacturer to recycle.

Perhaps the greatest aspect of Nespresso’s machines is how user-friendly they are. You’d be hard-pressed to find something that’s easier or more intuitive to use. Even someone who’s never seen a Nespresso machine before could figure out how to work it with relative ease.

  • No-fuss functionality
  • Ridiculously easy to use
  • Produces rich, full-bodied coffee
  • Delivers thick crema
  • Offers more possibilities for coffee variants than similar models
  • Water reservoir swivels to fit various spaces
  • Cost of the pods is high
  • Larger pod size takes up more storage space

Best Basic 

SOWTECH Espresso Machine

The Sowtech Espresso Machine uses stainless steel accents throughout its compact design, saving you a lot of space in the kitchen. Smaller and lighter than your usual home espresso machine, it is perfect for small kitchens, single apartments, offices, and during travels.

If you are looking for a best basic home espresso machine with no fuss or bells and whistles then Sowtech Espresso Maker is the one for you.

The Sowtech Espresso Machine is easy to use, featuring a single knob for all your espresso needs. It makes a rich-tasting espresso without any difficult contraptions, hard-to-understand manuals, or any fancy machines.

The machine takes about 90 seconds to build pressure and heat up and then you’re ready to pull your shot. Then you switch over to the steam mode, so you can steam your milk, which takes around 45 seconds. The machine does a great job of foaming the milk.

Using the frothing arm, you can make creamy froth to top off your cappuccinos and lattes. With the powerful 3.5 bar pressure, you can make 1-4 cups of rich, tasty espresso.

Best Home Espresso Machine

It’s easy-pour glass cup is also made to make your life easier, clearly marked to serve the perfect amount every time.

The temperature of this machine is extremely consistent. The machine will heat up to just below water boiling temperature and stay there. It doesn’t overheat, nor does it go cold if you aren’t using it consistently.

Consistent water temperature is extremely important for good coffee extraction. This means that the Sowtech is suitable for people who are particular about their coffee taste or who take their coffee black.

As a by-product of consistent temperature, the Sowtech espresso machine produces good quality, consistent steam with good pressure. This makes producing good quality micro-foam very possible.

  • Budget-friendly.
  • It can make up to four espressos at once.
  • Easy to operate.
  • The frothing wand of this coffee maker does a fabulous job to make thick and creamy foam.
  • Operates quietly.
  • Has 3.5 bar steam pressure for a rich, smooth crema.
  • Excellent quality construction.
  • Compact and portable design.
  • Single-knob function.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Low-pressure unit.
  • The appearance of the plastic looks light and not stylish.

Best Espresso Machine Under $3000

Breville Oracle Touch

The Breville Oracle Touch boasts a vibrant touch display, allowing you to scroll through 5 customizable drink options: espresso, long black, latte, flat white, and cappuccino.

Just as well, you can save up to 8 personalized drinks; especially useful when there are multiple users with differing tastes.

The Oracle Touch features automatic grinding, dosing, tamping and milk texturing, automating the two most difficult parts of manual espresso.

The Oracle Touch is one of the best high end home espresso machines available in the marketplace today. You can extract espresso and texture milk simultaneously, enabling you to go from beans to latte in under a minute.

This dual boiler professional grade home espresso machine features a triple heat system comprised of a steam boiler with an integrated heat-exchange and dedicated brew boiler, a built-in grinder and tamping system, programmable shot volumes, automatic rinsing and descaling options, milk frothing controls, PID temperature control, adjustable grind settings, and more.

With the Oracle Touch you get nothing less than an all-in-one home espresso machine that combines innovative features with modern technology.

best home espresso machine

But it’s the steam wand that puts the Oracle Touch in a category of its own. You can get it right every time without having any experience.

You just put the milk in, center the wand and it does its thing. It textures with microfoam, so you can pour a latte.

The microfoam mixes with espresso to produce the velvety mouthfeel that signifies a quality espresso drink. By contrast, most super automatic espresso machines froth milk in such a way that it just sits atop a cup of espresso.

The steam wand on the Oracle Touch reads the temperature of the milk being used and, according to the specific type of drink being made, calibrates steam pressure and temperature accordingly.

This is the best bean-to-cup home espresso machine available in the marketplace today.

Making espresso shots, lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites, and even hot chocolate couldn’t be any simpler or more intuitive thanks to Breville’s user-friendly design. But it’s not so automated that someone who knows espresso drinks can’t craft something completely unique.

The Oracle doesn’t just grind your coffee beans directly into espresso portafilters, it can also automatically tamp their contents down into brewable beds by itself.

The machine steams milk with minimum fuss or direct handling, so you won’t need to copy those complex swirling motions you’ve seen baristas perform.

  • Brews espresso, americano, latte, cappuccino, flat white or custom beverages
  • Built-in grinder and milk steamer/frother
  • Easy-to-use LED-lit touch-screen controls
  • Customizable coffee strength, milk temperature and texture
  • 45 adjustable grind settings
  • Automatically grinds, doses and tamps 22g ground coffee
  • Brews single, double and custom-size espresso shots
  • Its pricey
  • It needs a bigger space on your kitchen countertop

Best With Frother

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista

The Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista automatically pulls shots of espresso, steams milk, and creates cafe-style coffee drinks at the push of a button. The coffee machine also has a removable milk reservoir that’s refrigerator-friendly for easy storage.

This is a semi-automatic, 15-bar espresso machine. It features a one touch control panel, so you can easily brew plain espresso, lattes, or cappuccinos with single and double shot options for each. The milk frother is automatic, so you don’t have to worry about jumping into the world of latte art and milk frothing if you aren’t ready yet.

The Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista is a solid bargain buy, but naturally exemplifies the validity of the tradeoff between price and quality.

Like with all inexpensive espresso machines, you as the barista are going to find yourself sacrificing some of the consistency of your espresso and coffee drinks.

The buttons on the front of the machine are clearly labeled with the corresponding drink, and there are manual and automatic options.

The milk reservoir conveniently fits within the unit, and it’s removable, so leftover milk can be stored in the fridge when not in use. The frother also has a clearly labeled knob that controls how much froth goes into each drink.

Like most home espresso contraptions, the Cafe Barista comes with a portafilter for both brewing shots and loading the machine with grounds.

It’s essentially a metal filter attached to a sturdy handle that you must lock tightly into place under the Cafe Barista’s brew head. Mr. Coffee also includes two filter baskets to choose from, for single and double shots.

  • Affordable price
  • Most parts are suitable for dishwashing
  • Heats up in 3 minutes
  • Modern design
  • Removable frother allows you to store the extra milk elsewhere
  • Easy to understand controls
  • Cannot accommodate tall cups
  • Works loudly

Best Under $300

Cuisinart EM-100 

The Cuisinart EM-100 Espresso Machine is a great combination of stainless steel style and easy operation at an affordable price.

It is capable of making 1 to 2 cups of espresso; whether it’s from a coffee pod or from ground coffee. It is also compact, space saving and portable with its 9 lbs. Weight.

If you are looking for a best value home espresso machine, then Cuisinart EM-100 is the one for you.

This versatile espresso machine pulls a great shot thanks to its powerful 15 bar pump. A cup heating tray on the top of the machine will make sure you have plenty of warm cups on hand, making it great for entertaining.

With the Cuisinart EM-100 Espresso Machine, you can also create cappuccinos, lattes, and more using its stainless steel steam wand and included milk frothing pitcher.

A large, removable 53oz water reservoir means there’s plenty of time between refills, and a removable drip tray helps make cleaning easy.

With the Cuisinart EM-100, you have the choice to brew using ground coffee or pods. This machine comes with single shot, double shot, and ESE pod baskets, so you have a variety of brewing options to meet your needs.

It features a stainless steel steam nozzle. A stainless frothing cup is also provided in each Cuisinart EM-100 espresso machine package. Its Portafilter holder comes with a locking mechanism that provides easy pumping out of wet grounds after every use.

The Cuisinart em 100 espresso machine comes with a 53 ounce water reservoir that has a nice fitting lid and is easy to remove for quick filling and easy and fast clean up.

The 53 ounce water reservoir is sufficient for making 25 espresso shots before having to refill.

It has a very nice sized warming plate for your cups to ensure that they are at the ideal temperature for your favorite hot coffee beverage, especially for your espressos.

The Cuisinart 100 houses a stainless steel wand for frothing or steaming in addition to a dedicated pitcher for the job.

To steam milk, simply turn the small dial to steam icon and allow the unit to reach the appropriate temperature and enjoy cappuccinos, lattes and hosts of other milk based variants form the comfort of your home.

The home espresso machine comes with a tamping tool which makes it easier to compact the grinds with the right amount of pressure. Simply add grinds to the basket and tamp with the supplied tool, for a perfect extraction.

  • Decent espresso for its price
  • Compact design but still has good weight
  • Large water reservoir for its size
  • Requires you to manually time extraction
  • A bit loud

Best Commercial Grade 

Rancilio Silvia Espresso

The Rancilio Silvia coffee machine has a decidedly industrial appearance. It is one of the best commercial grade home espresso machine for professional quality espresso and other beverages. Dressed all in silver, high polish and stainless steel construction this machine looks ready for a small coffee shop or an office.

Despite its sturdy commercial appearance, the machine only measures 9.2” x 11.4” x 13.3,” which makes it ideal for home use.

The Silivia M features an insulated lead-free brass boiler that reduces energy consumption by 8% when in standby mode.

The large 12-ounce boiler also allows for steam capacity that is unmatched by other machines at this size and price.

An iron frame, housed by brushed stainless steel, provides durability as well as sleek, Italian style. The Silvia M comes standard with a 7 gram coffee scoop, a plastic tamper, and two filter baskets (single and double).

Silvia M offers the same quality espresso shots that professional machines can produce, without the complicated functions you may not have time to figure out.

The home espresso machine features a traditional steam wand with a hot water feature and comes with a 58 mm chrome plated brass portafilter—the same ones found on their commercial machines, along with stainless steel single and double shot baskets. It is a durable machine with equally reliable accessories.

This Rancilio model comes with a single boiler. This means that steaming and brewing cannot be done simultaneously.

Thanks to its 15 bar heavy duty pump, this unit produces full flavor coffee. It may take some practice, but eventually, you can make your own delicious shots.

The handle of this Rancilio model is ergonomically designed. Even when making coffee for the entire office team, your hand won’t get tired. This handle also gives you more control and power.

All functions such as buttons and knobs are located on the front panels, giving you easy access.

The Rancilio Silvia coffee machine also features a three way solenoid valve which takes the excess pressure and moisture off after you put your shot.

This makes it easier to get the dry coffee puck out of the porta-filter, which is handy, and it also reduces stress on other mechanical parts of the unit.

The machine is backed by an extended warranty for a total of two years of warranty coverage.

  • Flexible steaming wand
  • Excellent temperature control
  • Large water reservoir
  • Commercial grade quality parts
  • Expensive
  • Requires skill to use effectively
  • No built-in grinder

Best Under $250

De’Longhi EC155

Blending together the perfect recipe for a low price and quality features, the DeLonghi EC155 15 Bar Pump espresso and cappuccino maker also puts together the perfect recipe for tasty beverages, right in the comfort of your own home.

It is one of the best espresso machines for home use and anyone who desires the convenience of having a very easy-to-use espresso and cappuccino machine at home must check this one out.

The EC155 is compact and has clean lines. It comes in black and has stainless steel features. It does have a milk frother but no grinder.

The De’Longhi is compatible with E.S.E. coffee pods as well as with normal ground coffee, so you can choose the coffee type that best suits your convenience.

The DeLonghi machine can exert 15 bars of pressure, which is remarkable given the machine’s size and price. Typically, this amount of power is reserved for much larger and more expensive machines like you’d find at a cafe.

It has a tank that carries up to 35 ounces of water. This model also has a patented easy to maneuver frothing wand that produces lots of rich and creamy foam.

Like any typical countertop espresso machine, the DeLonghi takes about 45 seconds to heat up to temperature after you flip the “on” switch. There’s an indicator light which tells the user when the machine is ready.

The DeLonghi has a good capacity water storage tank, grounds storage bin, and shot bandwidth and it is capable of pulling two espresso shots simultaneously.

The DeLonghi EC155 comes with a frother, cup warmer, and a basic cup and filter system. The cup and filter system are well-constructed and should last you a long time as they’re made of stainless-steel.

The frother is connected to the cappuccino maker just next to the portafilter and designed with a natural angle for milk steaming and frothing.

Aside from the easy operation of the brew cycle, the self-priming system creates a smooth start-up without needing to prime manually, meaning the process is automatic, convenient, and hands-off.

The dual thermostat control ensures both the water pressure and the steam levels are just right – different temperatures for your steaming hot espresso or just mellow and warm for your cappuccinos.

  • Nice and easy to use.
  • Good for beginners.
  • High-pressure pump produces consistently good cups of coffee.
  • Good value.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Pour spout height limits the size of cup
  • Will produce only one or two shots at a time

Best Stovetop Espresso Maker


The MILANO from GROSCHE is a classic Italian stovetop home espresso machine, also called Moka pot. It’s perfect for anyone who loves the taste of a strong shot or double shot of espresso.

GROSCHE’s stovetop espresso pot has a heavy-duty extended handle that’s made with heat-resistant rubber-coated plastic and sits away from your heat source so it won’t melt on gas stoves.

This 9-cup stovetop home espresso machine is made of aluminum, which enables it to heat up rapidly. Its octagonal shape makes it sturdy, and also evenly distributes the heat inside. It can be used on both gas and electric stovetops.

The MILANO from GROSCHE also has a few safety features. It has a stay-cool handle and lid knobs that protect your delicate hands. It also features a safety valve that regulates the internal temperature of your espresso machine.

You can easily make a low pressure stovetop espresso at home with the Milano Moka Stovetop Espresso maker. Just add milk from a milk steamer or milk frother to make lattes or cappuccino at home with ease with this Stovetop Espresso maker at home.

  • Anodized aluminum espresso machine
  • Affordable
  • Range of capacities
  • Certified safety valve
  • Burn guard handle
  • The design of the pouring spout can lead to leakage when pouring

Best Under $1000

De’Longhi La Specialista

The DeLonghi La Specialista is a nice looking semi-automatic home espresso machine with a classic, stainless steel look that also features all of the tools needed to make coffee, espresso, and more.

The La Specialista is one of the best home espresso machines with grinder that can be adjusted for both fineness and dosage, a tamping station, and a dial that can switch between brewing coffee, an americano, or espresso.

The button interface is easy to understand, with a x2 button for making a double shot or pouring into two cups, a “my” button to customize the length of your drink.

This is a high end Italian espresso machine with sensor grinding technology. It gives you complete control and consistency in coffee pouring as it works with two sensors that detect and deliver a consistent and optimal coffee dose to your cup.

To ensure maximum temperature stability, Delonghi has developed the high performing dual Thermoblock that has a controlled temperature system. This ensures maximum temperature stability and all of the right conditions for a perfect coffee brew.

After making your drink, you can easily heat up milk for a latte or cappuccino with the steam wand. The La Specialista has two heating elements, meaning there is no wait time when switching from brewing to steaming.

A slider on the steam wand allows you to choose between Flat or Foam for lattes and Flat Whites, or a cappuccino for the latter.

As with many bean-to-cup machines, the La Specialista has one-touch controls for espresso, Americano or long coffee. There are also auto-rinse and clean functions and an automatic process for descaling.

The DeLonghi La Specialista’s one-of-a-kind programming is designed to work with its included pressurized baskets—meaning users looking to manually control their machine have few options for customization.

The DeLonghi has an extremely short start-up time of just one second.

You don’t have to stand around for your espresso machine to heat up for ten minutes. In just 1 second, this Delonghi La Specialista is ready to go and is prepared to start grinding.

It looks great, produces high quality drinks and is really easy to use. It has a huge level of customisation, which makes it easy to really explore the science behind brewing the perfect espresso.

Obviously, finding that perfect cup requires a lot of trial and error, but coffee aficionados will enjoy tinkering away with the settings and making drinks that match their personal preferences when it comes to taste and strength.

The Specialista is a unique bean to cup coffee machine. You get very close to the convenience of push-button superautomatic machines, but with more programmability to experiment with.

  • Integrated coffee grinder
  • Integrated coffee tamper
  • Smart sensor grinding technology
  • Smart tamping station
  • Advanced latte system that allows either hand-free or manual control
  • 1-second start uptime
  • Active temperature control for espresso extraction
  • Dual thermoblock heating system
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Sleek design with stainless steel body
  • A bit expensive to buy
  • Stainless steel exterior is easily scratched
  • Learning curve to make a perfect espresso

Best Budget Pick

Mr. Coffee Automatic 

The Mr. Coffee Automatic Dual Shot Espresso produces genuine espresso and cappuccino drinks which are delicious and filled with bold, rich taste. It includes thermal block heating technology and this allows it to heat up rapidly.

It’s a fifteen-bar pump system which makes espresso with “creme” on top in no time flat. When you use it, you’ll be able to select from single or double shots, as there are two porta-filters of different serving sizes.

This model comes with the capability to brew 2 single shots at once with the double shot filter. If you are just making espresso for one person, you can stick to the single shot filter.

It also comes with a frothing arm for steaming milk for your cappuccino, latte or even mocha.

The machine is quite easy to use. Its front control panel has ready indicator lights for indicating when brewing is complete. So you don’t have to keep looking if it’s ready, simply wait for the indicator lights.

Most of its parts are also removable, such as the filter and water reservoir. This makes filling the filter with ground coffee much easier. The water reservoir can also be easily cleaned and filled with water.

On the front of the device, above the brew head, are two buttons (Brew and Steam) that activate corresponding modes for brewing espresso and steaming milk. Flanking the buttons are a pair of status lights, a power indicator on the left and ready indicator to the right.

  • Semi-automatic 3-in-1 espresso, cappuccino and latte maker
  • 15-bar pump system brews rich-tasting espresso coffee
  • Trouble-free, automatic milk frother takes the guesswork out of frothing milk
  • One-touch control panel for drink selections
  • Easy-fill, removable water and milk reservoirs
  • Creates single and double servings
  • No variable steam control

Best With Grinder

DeLonghi ECAM22110SB

DeLonghi Compact Espresso Machine is one of the best fully automatic home espresso machines with grinder under $1000, which means you can make a cup of coffee by simply pressing a button.

It is also a versatile machine, capable of making a shot of espresso, a cappuccino, or even a standard cup of coffee.

In addition to a compact, easy to place design, the DeLonghi is a relatively quiet machine.

It’s been designed with the similar features as a full size automatic machine, but in a compact and streamlined design to make it easily fit on your home’s kitchen countertops.

The machine comes with a front-mounted water reservoir that holds 60 oz. of liquid.

The tank is detachable and can be refilled with water directly from the tap. It is easily accessible from the front panel and allows monitoring the level of water.

It comes integrated with a 8.8 oz. bean hopper and a silent grinder which has a total of 13 powerful controls and settings.

These settings allow you to adjust your coffee to your preferred taste.

With the integrated frother unit, you can create a variety of authentic Italian drinks.

The machine’s thermoblock boiler is made from stainless steel which conserves energy and quickly heats fresh water for the steaming and brewing process.

The DeLonghi Compact Espresso Machine features an easy to use rotary and push button control panel which includes a convenient selector dial that allows you to choose the strength of your coffee.

There are four buttons that are pre-set for a single shot of espresso, a double, one long coffee, and two long coffees.

All four buttons can be reprogrammed to whatever quantity of water you prefer.

Additional features include 4 programmable temperature settings, energy-saving auto shut-off, instant reheat, and a counter for the number of cups brewed.

When you use the Delonghi Compact Espresso Maker, you do not just get to make your favourite drink consistently and automatically. But you also can get it done quickly because the water heat up time is about 60 seconds.

Even if you need to make multiple cups, there is no need to wait between cups because its Rapid Cappuccino system keeps the water temperature at the optimum level.

Topping up the coffee beans, filling up the water tank and emptying used coffee grounds can be a time-consuming chore.

But this is kept minimal with its huge 60 ounces water tank, 8.8 ounces bean hopper and a large coffee ground container which can store used coffee grounds for 14 espresso shots.

  • Compact size
  • Fast operation & heat up time
  • Self cleaning
  • 4 options of the cup sizes
  • Integrated burr grinder
  • Single thermoblock
  • Short manual milk wand

Best Budget Pick With Grinder

EspressoWorks 7 Pc All-In-One

If you’re looking for a machine that will produce espresso beverages of the same quality as at your favorite coffee house, the EspressoWorks won’t disappoint you with its 15 bar pump pressure system. With the EspressoWorks Espresso Machine you’ll be able to enjoy wonderful tasting Italian Espresso, Americanos, Macchiatos, Lattes, and Cappuccinos in no time at all.

The EspressoWorks All-In-One is a great little machine that can do everything. It grinds your beans and brews them into a great cup of espresso. Or two cups, if you choose the double shot mode.

It has an easy to view water tank that allows you to easily monitor the water levels from the front view with this transparent tank. It holds up to 42 ounces of water and has a convenient handle on it that makes it very easy to remove for both filling and cleaning.

It includes a milk frother so that you can make any number of milk-based coffee drinks, like a cappuccino, a latte, an americano, or a macchiato.

This is one of the best budget home espresso machines with grinder as it will give you ultimate control over the brewing process and allow you to do it all including grind coffee beans, pull shots, and drip brews your favorite coffee.

Although the grinder is a blade grinder and not a burr grinder. Blade grinders aren’t known for their consistent grinds like burr grinders are.

Equipped with a dual stainless steel portafilter basket, you can choose between pulling single or double shots.

The All-In-One espresso machine comes with all the necessary accessories. It comes with an electric grinder, portafilter, and stainless steel frothing cup. Moreover, it also includes measuring spoon and tamper.

You can fit it on any countertop. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about turning off the machine. It auto stops after 25-minutes of inactivity.

  • Separate frothing cup
  • Quick brew time
  • Auto stop feature
  • Comes with cup warmer
  • Choose between single and double espresso shots
  • Grinder
  • Easy to clean
  • Allows you to make a variety of coffee drinks
  • It has a small footprint, which is perfect if you’re trying to save on space.
  • Blade bean grinder may struggle with grind consistency

Best Manual Home Espresso Machine

Flair Signature Espresso Maker

Flair Signature Espresso Maker is one of the best portable, hand powered, non electric home espresso machines that creates enough pressure to mimic a top of the line, electric espresso machine.

With this unique beautiful looking espresso machine you can craft your espresso the old-fashioned way, making exactly what you want and how you want.

The Flair Signature Plus is one of the latest SKUs in Flair’s lineup, which includes a bottomless/naked portafilter option, chrome body option, and stainless steel tamper.

The Flair prides itself with being everything it needs to be to brew great espresso, and nothing more. It’s minimalist design shows that not much is needed to properly pull a quality shot of espresso. Really, all you see when you look at the brewer is a handle with a tiny brew chamber, under which you can place a cup.

All of the magic happens within this tiny chamber, which is removable to easily prepare your espresso.

The Basic Flair Espresso Maker comes with a black and red lever assembly, one piston and brewing collar combination, a plastic drip tray, a plastic funnel, and a plastic tamper / tube. It also comes with a travel case.

best manual home espresso machine

The machine also comes with a colour printout showing how to assemble, and more importantly, how to disassemble and store once again in this case.

The piston creates the perfect amount of pressure for brewing espresso. Typically, you want around 9 bars of pressure (1) to produce the best espresso, and the Flair can create 8-16 bars.

Manual espresso is more about the craft and ritual of making straight espresso than its automatic counterparts. So, if you are looking for convenience then this model is not for you as making a cup of aromatic espresso with Flair Espresso Maker requires some work. Every part of the brewing process requires your time and attention.

The Flair is a 100% human-powered, manual espresso press. With the Flair espresso machine, you have a complete manual home espresso machine that can produce professional quality shots of espresso from your home, or wherever you are. Add 60ml of boiled water and a dose of up to 18 grams to yield a 40 ml shot of espresso.

  • Simplified design makes it easy to use.
  • Piston creates the perfect amount of pressure for espresso
  • Multiple parts that need adjusting and washing with each brew

Best Lever Espresso Machine

La Pavoni EPC-8 Europiccola

The La Pavoni EPC-8 Europiccola 8-cup Lever Style Espresso Machine is one of the best manual lever espresso machines.

The EPC-8 Europiccola is as much about the espresso as it is about the art of the brewing process itself.

With this beautiful and sleek home espresso machine, you take complete control of the brewing process. The brewing pressure, the brewing time, the coffee grinding, and the coffee tamping are all done manually by you. This might seem a little daunting but it also results in the highest quality espresso possible.

The Europiccola espresso machine has a chrome base and is triple plated to maintain its beauty and elegance. By lifting the lever, a piston inside the group is raised allowing water under pressure to infuse the coffee in the filter holder.

The lever is then lowered causing the piston to force the water through the coffee into the cup. Make one or two cups of perfect cafe quality espresso.

The machine has a water level sight gauge located on the side of the machine and it is capable of making 8, 2 oz cups of espresso.

The La Pavoni EPC-8 Europiccola features a large capacity boiler that holds up to 20 ounce of water.

The boiler is made of brass and is chrome plated on the outside. The inner workings of the boiler are made of food safe nickel plate. The boiler heats in about six minutes.

There is no wait time between brewing and steaming. The boiler temperature is actually controlled with a pressure controller for quick and accurate response.

The boiler will cycle on and off constantly and is set to maintain boiler pressure between .7 bar and 1 bar of pressure.

Those who like to have a foamy cup of coffee will enjoy the amount of flexibility that the ECP-8 offers. Initially it might be difficult to get the exact amount of foam that you like, but the design is ergonomic enough to allow you to learn very quickly.

This is quite a heavy machine, so it’s not suitable for lugging out of the cupboard every time you want to make a quick latte. Fortunately, it looks exceptional enough to leave out on the counter as a feature appliance for any kitchen.

The La Pavoni Europiccola has no cheap plastic parts that will break, warp or otherwise threaten the longevity of the machine. This is one home espresso machine that is seriously built to last.

The resulting crema produced by this manual espresso machine is superb. The cappuccino attachment does a brilliant job, and no matter whether you prefer a strong, rich espresso or a light, creamy latte, the La Pavoni Espresso Machine does an exceptional job every time.

Certainly, The La Pavoni Europiccola is the best manual home espresso machine under $1000 as La Pavoni has an exceptional track record of providing very high quality appliances. This is one machine that is designed to last a long time.

  • Small profile helps it fit nicely into most kitchens
  • User has control over the entire end-to-end process of perfecting and pulling an impressive shot.
  • Brass boiler reacher brewing temperature fairly quickly
  • Powerful steam wand with no downtime between brewing and steaming
  • Levers and knobs are easily removed allowing you to customize and replace them effortlessly
  • No included electronics parts adds to it’s long life span
  • Steaming wand does not swivel
  • A bit of learning curve since it being a manual espresso machine

Best With Dual Boiler

Breville BES980XL Oracle

Whether you want great espresso with the touch of a button or you want to tweak all parameters of your shot manually, this is the coffee machine. The Oracle is also one of the best looking home espresso machines that you can buy right now.

It has so many controls and adjustments of the brewing process; it is clearly one of the most feature-rich home espresso machines on the market. Also, it is one of the best home espresso machine under $2000. This is the first machine that can be used as an automatic or a semi automatic.

The “Oracle” is one of the best luxury home espresso machine with dual boilers as its dual boiler design allows you to brew and steam milk at the same time. Also, having two boilers can help to ensure temperature stability during brewing.

A constant temperature will help you achieve shot consistency every time. The two boilers are made with stainless steel. The temperature on the two boilers is controlled separately, which improves the precision of the brewing temperature.

The machine also has dual pumps – one pump for the espresso and one for the steam. This ensures a constant pressure while pulling shots, which is a very precise operation.

With the Oracle you get nothing less than an all-in-one home coffee machine that combines innovative features with modern technology.
One of the key advantages to the Oracle is the built-in grinder.

The grinder can be adjusted between 40 different fineness settings with a locking mechanism that allows you to grind directly into your portafilter.

Based on your preferences you can adjust the total dosage of coffee ground to customize your shots. The Oracle’s grinder is also equipped with an adjustable automatic tamping system that will tamp and level off your coffee for you to keep extraction.

The bean hopper on the Oracle holds up to 8 oz of whole bean coffee. The hopper can be completely removed and features a bean stopper, allowing you to take it off even when there are still beans inside.

As an automatic machine, the Oracle has dedicated brew buttons for both single and double shots as well as Americanos and hot water.
The buttons for all three drinks can be programmed to dispense at a volume of your choosing allowing you to recreate custom drinks with just a push. Located on the front of the machine, the main LCD displays the temperature of the boiler as monitored by the Oracle’s PID controller and is accurate within 2 degrees.

Using the PID, temperature can be programmed between 190°-205°F. When you begin brewing the PID transitions into a shot timer that counts up from when the brew button is engaged. The steam wand on the Oracle is truly amazing.

Fitted with a powerful 4-hole tip and a temperature probe, you can program the machine to automatically texture your milk on a gradient between a latte and a cappuccino allowing you to make the drinks you want with just a flip of a switch.

There are two ways you can refill the water reservoir. You can choose to remove the reservoir completely from the back of the unit or open the access panel that is found on top and refill from the front.

To enhance the stability of the temperature during the brewing process, the cup warmer is made with a heating component.

  • Tons of programmable features.
  • Great LCD front panel display.
  • Stainless-steel dual boilers and dual Italian pumps.
  • Very large water reservoir at 84 ounces.
  • Brews espresso, americano, latte, cappuccino, flat white or custom beverages
  • 45 adjustable grind settings
  • Automatically grinds, doses and tamps 22g ground coffee
  • Brews single, double and custom-size espresso shots
  • The machine is pricey
  • Needs a bigger space in your kitchen countertop

What You Can Make With An Espresso Machine

A lot of the most popular drinks at coffee shops are made with espresso, so if you typically order any of the items on the list below, an espresso machine may be worth considering.

If you own an espresso machine, any one of these can be made in your own kitchen for less money, as long as you have the proper ingredients and a little time to spend on them.
Needless to say a best espresso machine under $1000 will be able to make all the below beverages and more for you.

a) Espresso Shot

Espresso is a concentrated form of coffee served in small, strong shots and is the base for a number of coffee drinks.

It’s made from the same beans as coffee but is stronger, thicker, and higher in caffeine. However, because espresso is typically served in smaller servings than coffee, it has less caffeine per serving.

It is made by forcing pressurized hot water through very finely ground coffee beans using an espresso machine.

The result is a liquid stronger than coffee topped with a “crema,” a brown foam that forms when air bubbles combine with the soluble oils of fine-ground coffee and sits on top of a properly pulled shot of espresso.

The difference between coffee and espresso is in the grind and the treatment of the beans. The beans are ground to a finer consistency than coffee and firmly packed before hot water is forced through using an espresso machine.

b) Macchiato

The macchiato gives coffee addicts a nice middle ground between an espresso and a cappuccino. It doesn’t pack as much of a punch as an espresso shot, but it’s also stronger than your regular cappuccino.

Macchiato means “stained” or “marked” in Italian. This term is used because of how the drink is made. The drink is a double shot of espresso with a splash of milk in it. The “mark” comes from the barista adding a small dollop of foam on top of the drink as some customers don’t want the full strength of an espresso.

The point of this drink is to have an espresso slightly moderated or subdued by a splash of milk. Compared to other espresso-based drinks, the macchiato tips the espresso to milk scale the furthest towards espresso.

This drink is prepared by first pulling a shot of espresso, as normal. Then about 1-2 teaspoons of steamed milk and a bit of foam are poured on top.

c) Cappuccino

A cappuccino is an Italian coffee drink that is traditionally prepared with double espresso, hot milk, and steamed milk foam on top.

Cream may be used instead of milk and is often topped with cinnamon. It is typically smaller in volume than a caffè latte, with a thicker layer of microfoam.

Microfoam is frothed/steamed milk in which the bubbles are so small and numerous that they are unseen, but make the milk lighter and thicker.

When the espresso is poured correctly, the microfoam will remain partly on top of the mug as well as mix well with the rest of the cappuccino.

Cappuccinos are usually made using an espresso machine. The double espresso is poured into the bottom of the cup, followed by a similar amount of hot milk, which is prepared by heating and texturing the milk using the espresso machine steam wand.

The top third of the drink consists of milk foam; this foam can be decorated with latte art made with the same milk.

d) Mocha

Mocha is another espresso based drink and another name for “mocaccino,” “mochaccino,” or “mochachino.”

A cafe mocha is essentially a chocolate flavored variant of a cafe latte, or even a hot chocolate with shots of espresso in it. It is made up of espresso, milk, and chocolate.

It can include one or two shots of espresso depending on taste preferences and traditionally is topped with milk foam, just like a latte.

Unlike other coffee drinks, the mocha is a lot sweeter in taste and can be great for those who have a sweet tooth or enjoy a good dose of sugar.

It is a very customizable drink in as many types of chocolate can be used. Depending on the place, a mocha can have chocolate syrup, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or even white chocolate.

Toppings can also be customizable with some people replacing the milk foam on top with whipped cream.

Some mochas can also have chocolate shavings or cinnamon added on top for extra decoration and taste.

Those are the main standards, but if you want you can always add extra touches based on your preferences like whipped cream, flavorings like hazelnut, caramel or peppermint, and even use alternatives to milk.

d) Latte

The name “latte” is derived from the Italian words caffè latte, which means “milk coffee.”

The latte is very similar to the cappuccino, but contains more milk and is also served in the larger 8 ounce cup compared to cappuccino’s 6 ounce cup.

It is made with one or two shots of espresso, 5-6 ounces of hot steamed milk, and a thin layer of milk foam on the top.

The layers of espresso and steamed milk are usually mixed together with only the top foam being its own distinct layer. Many times the top foam layer is made into latte art by the barista.

As the latte is an espresso-based drink and steamed milk doesn’t contain caffeine, the amount of caffeine in your cup depends on the amount of espresso shots.

Depending on your order or the place you get your coffee from, your latte could contain one to two espresso shots.

With an espresso machine in your home, you can experiment to your heart’s delight and produce concoctions that beat out the flavor of the drinks at your local coffee shop because they’re based on your personal preferences.

Types Of Espresso Machines

There are essentially four types of espresso machines available for use in the home setting and in the commercial environment.

When shopping for an home espresso machine, it can become very confusing to choose among these many different makes and models that may or may not suit your needs and lifestyle. To narrow your search for the best home espresso machine the first essential step is to learn the basic categories that almost all espresso machines fall into.

By learning these categories, you will understand the variances and nuances between “ease of use” and “user control”. With this understanding, you can select the appropriate home espresso machine that will meet your needs.

Lever Driven Espresso Machine

best home espresso machine lever style

Manual lever espresso machines can make espresso without the need of a pump. Generally there are less components meaning less to maintain.

Manual espresso makers allow you to control every part of the process of making a shot of espresso so that you can potentially end up with the perfect shot.

There are two kinds : manual and spring-loaded.

A manual machine can be recognised by the horizontal resting position of the lever. When it is raised, an opening in the brewing chamber draws in pre-heated water to saturate the grounds. 

The barista can control the length of pre-infusion, flow rate, and pressure by when they bring down the lever.

The pressure produced with the help of this kind of espresso machine amounts to 8 to 10 Bar. 

In spring-driven machines, the lever points up when the internal spring is relaxed. Pulling the lever down causes the spring to compress and brings the piston up. This creates space in the brewing chamber for water to enter.

The lever comes back up as the spring releases its tension. This causes the piston to push the water down and extract the espresso.

Manual espresso machines are often attractive, almost as decorative as they are functional. They’re costly, but for the real connoisseurs willing to put the work in, they can produce a great shot of espresso.

The La Pavoni Europiccola on our list is a representative of non-spring manual lever style home espresso machines.

Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

These are very similar to semi-automatic machines, but they automatically stop the flow of water. This ensures consistent volume in each shot and means you don’t have to stand over each espresso to stop overflow.

The fully-automatic espresso machines measure the amount of water that passes through the coffee grinds.

Once the preset amount is reachable, the machine will automatically shut off the water.

The pre-set amount of water forced through the coffee is usually programmable by the user on commercial machines.

In addition, most fully-automatic espresso machines allow the operator to utilize the machine as a semi-auto, whereby the operator can control the amount of water to be pumped.

Whether for your home or your office, the Automatic espresso machines are the front-runners in preparing hot beverages.

The DeLonghi ECAM22110SB and the Jura ENA 1 Automatic on our list are one of the best automatic home espresso machines under $1000.

Super Automatic Espresso Machine

best super automatic home espresso machine

The idea behind Super Automatic Espresso Machine is to make the process of making a shot of espresso as easy as adding your coffee grounds and pressing a button. That’s it. Quick and simple with no mess to clean up.

These automatic machines with single or dual pumps grind whole coffee beans using a built in grinder with hard steel conical burrs.

They measure the appropriate amount of coffee grinds, tamp the grinds into a puck in the extraction chamber, measure the water, dispense the espresso and eject the extracted grinds into a dump container, removable for easy cleaning.

Most super automatic espresso machines have some type of indicator to warn the user of low water, out of beans, or full dump box. These machines are a perfect example of bean to cup coffee machines.

Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

best home espresso machine

Semi-automatic machines use an automated system to drive the water through the grouphead. Grinding, tamping, and control of extraction time are the responsibility of the barista.

They are a good compromise between human control and mechanized consistency.

Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine offers you with the real-time control of your extraction of coffee, Latte or Cappuccino.

The set up of the Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine consists of a portafilter, a boiler, a button as well as a piston for extraction.

This kind of Machine can be both programmed as well as manually controlled.

In the manually controlled system, the user has to stop the flow of Coffee once the sufficient amount of Coffee has come out. And in the programmed system, the flow of coffee stops on the basis of the preset time which you have entered in your machine.

The Breville Barista BES870XL is one of the best semi automatic home espresso machines available in the market today.


Our top pick is the Breville Barista BES870XL which is the best home espresso machine overall. The Breville Barista Express is built to set you up for success. Featuring an integrated conical burr grinder, this machine cuts down the time between grinding and extracting leaving you more time to enjoy the exquisite tasting shots.

Our second pick is the DeLonghi EC702 which is a budget option if you’re looking for a best home espresso machine for cappuccino. The De’Longhi EC702 is a pretty solid choice for an entry-level home espresso machine. It’s competitively priced with other beginner-friendly powerhouses like Mr. Coffee, and has the brand backing and vision of an industry leader: De’Longhi.

The Jura 13626 ENA 1 is our pick for the category best automatic home espresso machine with a grinder. The Jura ENA Micro 1 is an eco-friendly alternative to pod and capsule machines for making the perfect cup of espresso or crema coffee. The Jura Micro 1 features a multi-level grinder, micro brewing unit and powerful pump to make the ultimate espresso.

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