About Us

Have you ever been drinking a cup of coffee and then thought to yourself:

Hm, I wonder where this delicious beverage comes from?’

If so, you have come to the right place.

You see, coffee is everywhere today: At home, in the office, in the café around the corner. 

But at the same time, most people have no idea where this magical black powder comes from or how it’s produced. They know that some farmers in Brazil were probably involved, and that’s about it. 

We started this site, so more people could learn what coffee is really about.

We are a team of coffee aficionados with lots of experience and expertise in making world renowned coffee. In fact, preparing the best coffee ever with a fluffy top reminds us of magic, with secrets of how to achieve each particular effect. On the other hand, it is a science at the same time – you need to learn lots of information and investigate product properties, and this task is even multiplied when each brand provides almost the same products.

Making coffee is not our only hobby, we always keep our ears open as to what’s happening around and what scientists and manufacturers produce for consumers. It’s not an easy task to do – it’s rather time consuming. Hence, Caféish website was launched. We have lots of interesting things and ideas about making coffee, as well as reviews of the most famous appliances created for such purpose and deep investigations and trials, tips – all of this kind of stuff will be published here.

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