Best Tasting Coffee Maker 2024; Top Machine Reviews

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As with all coffee-related purchases, finding the best tasting coffee maker comes down to lifestyle, preference, and personal taste. We suggest something simple for beginners and something offering a bit more of that coveted ability to customize the brew for the experienced coffee enthusiasts.

There are tons of trendy ways to brew tasty coffee at home, from espresso makers to cold brew makers to single-serve brewers and French presses, but each coffee drinker has his/her favorite kind of coffee maker according to their personal taste.

We tested coffee makers for the water temperature during the brew cycle and the brewing time as well as the temperature of the coffee at the end of brewing and during the keep warm cycle. In addition, we evaluated each brewer’s ease of use, including how easy it was to read and use the controls, access the water tank and brew basket, read the markings on the tank and carafe, whether or not it had automatic keep warm and shut off cycles, and the ease of cleaning the carafe.

Of the many models we tested — we brewed and tasted coffee to find the best — these are the best tasting coffee makers to buy:

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Best Coffee Maker - Buying Guide

Coffee machines come in a variety of configurations, from non-electric pour-over models to electric drip coffee machines, to cup or capsule machines that make one cup at a time, to espresso machines.

To help you make a smarter buying decision, we’ve created this informative coffee machine buying guide with a number of factors that you should consider before buying your best tasting coffee maker. Go through this entire post and by the end you will clearly understand your requirements and what kind of coffee machine you should buy.

Features To Consider In A Good Coffee Machine

Figuring out the type of coffee machine to buy and what features to look for is pretty straightforward if you have an idea of what you want in your daily dose of morning coffee. Whether or not you know the type you want to buy, here are a few factors you should consider when shopping for a coffee machine.

1. Type of Coffee

While coffee machines and espresso machines tend to be separate machines, hybrid machines that brew both types of coffee are also available.

Having two machines on the counter will take a lot of space, but it’s the best option if you love both coffee and espresso and want to make each perfectly.

Hybrid machines will take less space and are likely to cost less than the purchase of two separate machines, but they may not be the best choice if you’re looking for the highest quality of both coffee and espresso.

Pod machines often have espresso type drink options but they aren’t the most authentic so if you like traditional espresso or cappuccino it’s best to skip these.

2. How much coffee?

Answer to this question depends on the number of people in your household who drink coffee and how much do they drink on average? If buying a single-serve coffee machine will mean having to go through the process of making a cup five times before you all get out the door in the morning, the convenience the model was made for pretty much goes out the window for you.

However, if you’re the only one in your house that drinks coffee, and you only want one cup to help wake you up, then perhaps a single-serve coffee machine is the right choice for you.

In some situations, being able to make a pot of coffee that produces 4-10 cups is much more convenient than dealing with making just one cup or shot of espresso one-at-a-time. So, think about who all in your household will be drinking coffee and how much they will likely drink.

3. How frequently do you drink coffee?

If you need your coffee at regular intervals, you can go for the coffee machines that come with carafe or an insulated mug to make sure that the coffee is prepared beforehand and is safe and hot in the carafe or mug. But if you are going for a model that comes with a coffee pot and warming plate, remember that the taste of your coffee can turn stale if the coffee is kept in the pot for a long time.

4. Convenience

Do you want a nearly hands-off coffee making experience in the morning, do you want the coffee waiting for you when you wake up or is the ritual of brewing coffee something you look forward to?

A programmable electric coffee machine can have your coffee ready for you when you wake up. Less automated electric machines might require a little more attention, but still, operate with the push of a few buttons.

best tasting coffee maker

5. Sizing

While different single serve coffee brewers have different brewing sizes, generally it range from a small 3 oz. cup to large travel mugs. No matter if you enjoy small cups or large travel mugs, this highest rated coffee machine is sure to deliver outstanding results.

6. Size of the Coffee machine

Every kitchen has a limit on how many appliances you can fit on the counter. Some coffee machines will take up much more space than others, so you have to weigh what you want against how much it’s worth giving up the countertop real estate.

During the buying process, look at the dimensions of the coffee machines you are considering. Once you know this, you will have a better idea of where it will go and how much space it will take up.

7. Custom Brewing Options

Whether you want a simple cup of coffee or the option to make practically any item off the coffeehouse menu, there’s a model for you. Some of the best home coffee machines brew only hot coffee, while others are capable of making iced coffee, hot cocoa, tea, cappuccino and more. If you want the best of both worlds, look into a versatile machine.

8. Cleaning

A coffee machine may be easy to use, but you’ll want it to be easy to clean, too. Keeping your machine free of coffee splatter and calcium buildup will help it last longer and maintain the quality of your coffee.

Look for a coffee machine that has removable, dishwasher-safe parts. If the device has parts you must clean by hand, read user reviews to see whether it’s simple or awkward to clean, or whether there might be design flaws that make the machine messy.

9. Extra Features To Look For In A Coffee Machine

Some machines go beyond brewing options, and include options for programmed brewing at a specific time, keep-warm or auto-shutoff, or a thermal carafe to keep the coffee warm.

The extra features that make a best tasting coffee maker can include:

  • Programmable settings
  • Built-in Grinder
  • Auto shutoff
  • Water filter
  • Steamer/Frother
  • Audible alerts when machine is done brewing or it needs cleaning

Types Of Coffee Machines

As you start your research, think realistically about how much coffee you drink and how many people you’ll need to serve. You can narrow down the type of machine you need based on your desired brew capacity. It’s also worth noting that some machines take only coffee grounds while others use prepackaged pods, so pay close attention to each model’s requirements.

Single-serve coffee machines

These coffee machines produce just enough for one person at a time. Most are designed to use pods, but some can use grounds, and others let you use either. These machines tend to brew quickly; some take less than a minute to make a cup. They’re usually smaller than other coffee machines and more suitable for kitchens with minimal counter space.

Drip coffee machines

These machines are ideal for larger servings. They typically have a carafe and use grounds to make a full pot of coffee. Some models can make upward of 12 cups at once, which means your java might take a little longer to brew.

Dual-design coffee machines

If your coffee intake varies, a dual-design coffee machine might serve you best. This type gives you the choice to brew enough coffee for just one cup or a full pot.

Grind-and-brew coffee machines

These are drip machines that have built-in grinders for your coffee beans. Users can get convenient, fresh coffee without making a trip to a cafe.

Espresso Machines

Espresso machines are the “sports cars” of the coffee machine world. If you’re a serious coffee aficionado, espresso is probably your favored type. While it will widely-range based on brand and features, espresso makers almost always fall on the higher end of the price range, but for those who really value their daily cup of joe, the difference is absolutely worth it.

Whether you want an occasional cup of espresso as a treat or it’s your favorite version of coffee, there is probably a machine that will fit your kitchen and your lifestyle. While the best espresso machines are dedicated to making just espresso, there are also hybrid machines that can brew both regular coffee and espresso.

Best Tasting Coffee Maker Reviews

Best For Home

Technivorm Moccamaster

The Technivorm Moccamaster KBT 79112 is capable of brewing your coffee at 92 degrees to 96 degrees Celsius temperature range that meets the ECBC, SCAE, and SCAA requirements. 

The accompanying stainless steel thermal carafe is made of rust-resistant stainless steel maintains the coffee temperature at 80 degrees C to 85 degrees C. The nine-hole water spray head evenly wets the coffee grounds to avoid wastage and ensures uniform brewing.

With Moccamaster, you get a well-marked water tank sitting on the pillar-esque heating unit, and a cone-shaped filter basket seemingly floating above the 40oz thermal carafe.

This coffee brewer features a copper boiling element fitted with a double safety guard that enables brewing time in 4-6 minutes. It is undoubtedly one of the best tasting coffee makers available in the market today.

Additional features include visible scale indicators on the 1.25L water tank, a hand-operated drip-stop on the filter holder, different color choices for the aluminum heater housing, and illuminated power switch.

Coffee brewed from this product comes out really hot and stays hot for up to 2 hours after brewing with the use of the accompanying stainless steel thermal carafe.

To accommodate smaller batches, Technivorm has included a flow control on its filter basket. This is a simple mechanical solution to the problem of under-extraction. 

Depending on the quantity of coffee you are brewing, you can keep the flow unabated, reduce it by half, or close it off completely. Just be careful not to let the basket overflow.

The Technivorm Moccamaster includes an excellent dual-walled stainless steel carafe, a vacuum thermos design that keeps your coffee hot for up to 5 hours. Two carafe lids are also included alongside the carafe. 

The first, a graduated brewing lid, minimizes temperature loss during the brewing process by directing the flow of the dripping coffee through an insulator tube. 

The second, a locking lid, creates negative air pressure in the carafe by forming an airtight seal at the neck of the carafe. On the downside, the carafe spout struggles to maintain a consistent stream, which may result in frustration and spills.

  • Handmade build quality
  • Stainless steel carafe
  • Coffee tastes incredible
  • Copper element is more reliable than aluminum
  • Coffee stays hot for upto 5 hours
  • Rather pricey
  • A lot of loose parts

Best Drip Coffee Maker


If you are looking to consistently brew excellent coffee with a sleek, modern coffee machine, then look no further than the Oxo Barista Brain.

Its body is mostly brushed stainless steel accented by black plastic, that looks modern. And with a cool digital display integrated into the glossy black plastic housing, this coffee brewer looks very futuristic.

Oxo Barista Brain is SCA-Certified (Specialty Coffee Association) for gold-standard home brewing. Its trademarked Rainmaker shower head disperses water evenly over coffee grounds

It’s easy to add water to the clearly marked reservoir, plus, the transparent plastic allows you to easily see the water level and 2 to 9 cup markings.

The coffee machine either dispenses 2-4 cups of water or 5-9 cups of water with its built-in serving size selector.

Best Tasting Coffee Maker

This model features a silicone mixing tube which ensures that over-extracted coffee would be evenly mixed with under-extracted coffee. It basically blends the coffee throughout the carafe as it brews.

Brewing coffee in it is super convenient. All you have to do is press the only button on the machine. Next, select 2-4 cups or 5-9 cups by turning the dial on the button, then press the same button one more time to start the brew cycle.

Activating the timer is easy too. Just hold down the button to access the brew timer, set your time, the number of cups you want to brew, and press the button once more.

A clock icon appears and your coffee machine will be set to brew for whatever time you set.

  • High-quality and sleek design
  • Stainless steel carafe
  • Produces consistently great cups of coffee
  • Brews coffee at an ideal temperature
  • Double walled carafe assures your coffee is warm for hours
  • Brewing process is a bit slow
  • You cannot adjust brew time or pulse

Best Coffee Maker With Grinder

Cuisinart DGB-900BC

This beautiful Cuisinart burr grind and brew thermal 12 Cup automatic coffee maker offers the best cup of coffee every time.

At the touch of a button, you will be able to get a superior taste of burr ground made and impress your friends and family.

Cuisinart grind and brew thermal automatic coffee makers can maintain the true flavor of the coffee. Also, it grinds beans precisely to deliver the best tasting coffee in each cup.

The 12 Cup thermal carafe is designed to keep your coffee hot and fresh, from the first cup to the last cup the taste is as good as it should be.

The design of the Cuisinart catches the eye while it’s set in the modern kitchen. It looks sleek and elegant for its squarish shape. Though it’s taller, it fits precisely under any cabinet.

On top of the machine, the bean hopper container lid is transparent that lets you watch the beans while grinding.

best tasting coffee maker

The drip tray where the carafe sits in such a way that gives you a standard look.

This machine comes with a bean hopper sitting on top of the machine, that looks ergonomic at the vertical style coffee maker. It can hop up to 8 ounces of beans meaning you can put half a pound of whole coffee beans.

The burr grinder is quite large located on the top of the machine, also it grinds as well as you can kind of expect from a premium machine. The nicest aspect of the machine is it grinds beans automatically before brewing.

This machine comes with a double-wall insulated stainless steel thermal carafe that has a hands-free lid and comfort grip handle, you don’t have to open up the lid after the coffee is made to dispense the coffee in your cup of coffee.

This unit has a charcoal water filter life other machines in its class removing impurities, chlorine, bad taste and odors from the water for the purest coffee at each cup of coffee.

Moreover, it has a permanent cupcake style gold-tone filter to improve the quality of your coffee, you can also use a paper filter if you like.

It also allows you to pause during brewing the coffee meaning when you remove the carafe or cup from its place the flow of coffee stops immediately and gives you 20 seconds to put it back there.

The Cuisinart DGB 900bc has a grind control knob that allows you to select the number of cups you want to brew. It brews from 2 standard cups all the way up to 12 cups of coffee.

  • Built-in grinder and bean storage
  • Highly programmable
  • Auto off
  • Built-in water filter
  • Coffee brewed at optimal time/temperature
  • Excellent warranty
  • Brew-through lid and internal mixing tube
  • Cleaning is not as easy as it should be.
  • Filling the water tank is a little bit tricky.

Best Small Drip Coffee Maker


The Black and Decker DCM600B is fantastic for small spaces like condos, apartments, and dorms. At 4.5 pounds and just under a foot tall, this maker has found a way to perfectly package a quality brewing machine in a simple package.

The controls are very straightforward as there is only one button to push to brew.

This black & decker coffee maker also offers a hot plate to keep your brew ready to drink if you wish to come back to it later instead of consuming it all in one sitting. If you often find yourself stuck in an office all day, this might work well for you.

This is no doubt one of the best tasting budget coffee maker in the market today.

On top of the machine is the removable filter basket in which coffee grounds can be placed inside wrapped paper filters or one can also use a permanent filter. The side of the machine visibly measures the amount of water in the tank.

Best Tasting Coffee Maker

One of the things that sets this maker apart is Its brewing method. Instead of pouring out through a single spout, it evenly distributes the water over the grounds, resulting in a smooth and rich taste.

As the features of the Black & Decker DCM600B suggest that its very simple to use. Just put water in the storage tank, insert wrapped coffee grounds in a paper filter on top of the machine with the lid closed, put the glass cup in place and turn on the machine.

Under 3-4 minutes, the machine does what it’s supposed to do and gives medium strength coffee. Individuals wanting to grab a cup of nice coffee in a hurry will always appreciate the time this Black and Decker coffee maker takes and the great quality coffee it has to offer.

  • Accurate filling and an easy-grip handle for comfortable pouring
  • Easy cleanup with the dishwasher-safe filter basket
  • Keeps coffee warm for an hour after brewing is complete
  • Average quality construction

Best Specialty Coffee Maker

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is a terrific all-in-one machine, capable of brewing hot and iced coffee, lattes, macchiatos, and other specialty brews.

This model is also packed with features, including an over-ice brew mode for iced coffee, a built-in milk frother, brew-strength control, and brew-size adjustment for everything from travel mugs to full carafes. It’s one of the most versatile home coffee machines we’ve come across.

One of the greatest things about the Ninja is its ability to perform a variety of operations while using a small amount of space.

It is one of the best tasting coffee maker for home as it has multiple brewing options, and it’s the machine that can efficiently and effectively make almost any kind of coffee you prefer.

Another great feature about the ninja is its variety of brewing sizes. With a knob-shaped dial, you can choose between the offered sizes, giving you complete control exactly how much coffee you brew.

Best Tasting Coffee Maker

The sizes include a small cup (9.5 oz), large cup (11.5 oz), travel mug (14 oz), large travel mug (18 oz), half of a carafe, and a whole carafe.

Each of the Ninja brewers comes equipped with Auto-IQ One Touch Intelligence.

It means that the machine measures out the correct amount of water for the brew and quantity you program in. Simply choose the type of brew you would like along with the serving size and add the appropriate amount of coffee.

In addition, the single cup brew feature on the Ninja Coffee Bar machine is pod-free. You simply use your (freshly) ground coffee of choice as you would if you were brewing a full carafe.

You can even set the timer and hit the “delay brew” button to prepare your coffee at a predetermined time.

The Hot and Cold Brewing System can make an array of hot and iced beverages using its five brewing styles: Classic, Rich, Speciality, Cold Brew, and Over Ice.

Like the Coffee Bars, this Specialty coffee maker has an integrated frother that will turn both hot and cold milk into velvety foam for an array of drinks.

  • Very sleek design 
  • Simple and straightforward to use and maintain.
  • Six brewing sizes and fixed brewing sizes.
  • It boasts a smart recognition system in its basket and displays separate settings for coffee and tea
  • You can brew directly in your cup and can either use bagged loose tea and coffee
  • No pot warmer to keep the beverage warm
  • The thermal carafe is not sealed

Best Dual Coffee Maker

Cuisinart SS-20 

The Cuisinart SS-20 is a reliable dual coffee maker that will provide you with high-quality cups of coffee for a long time: it even comes with a 3-year warranty. It is available in both black and silver and with different carafes, so you’re bound to find a model that suits you.

Be sure to note that the material is not the only distinction between the carafes, the stainless steel model holds 10 cups of coffee while the glass carafe holds 12 cups.

The Cuisinart SS-20 is a fully automatic and programmable coffee maker: you can set it up to start brewing 24 hours in advance and activate the energy save mode, as well as making the most of its self-clean feature. It is one of the best tasting dual coffee makers available in the marketplace today.

Its 40 oz removable reservoir is easy to access and comes with a charcoal water filter that will improve the quality of the water used for your coffees.

The carafe is made of double-wall stainless steel instead of glass. Thus, it is more effective in retaining heat. With this coffee maker, you no longer have to worry about cold coffee any more.

If you are the type of person who loves experimenting with different brew strengths, then this feature is just for you. With the brew strength feature, you easily adjust your coffee brew strength between medium to a bold brew.

Best Tasting Coffee Maker

With SS-20’s programmable controls, you can easily set the coffee maker to brew coffee at a particular time without having to leave your bed. And when you wake up, you can enjoy your cup of coffee and start the day’s activities.

With its brew-pause feature, you can easily put a pause to the brewing process and grab a quick cup of coffee.

You can also remove the drip tray for cleaning and to brew into a larger travel mug. While this machine is compatible with K-Cups and other single-cup coffee pods, we recommend that you opt for the included reusable filter that lets you use your own coffee grounds.

  • Brews: carafes, single-serve (K-Cups, pods and grounds)
  • Stainless steel carafe
  • Quick and intuitive programmable features.
  • The stainless steel carafe is sturdy.
  • The K-cup reservoir is small

Best Programmable

Breville BDC450 

If you are looking for one of the best tasting automatic coffee maker, then you can consider buying a Breville BDC450. This coffee maker is designed to brew at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. You can expect the best outcome since it meets the SCAA brewing standards.

It has a stainless steel with a plastic finish to offer a stylish, sleek, and sturdy look. There is a see-through water reservoir mode. Also, there is a marking to get an accurate coffee-to-water ratio.

As far as brewing capacity, this one can handle up to 60 oz (or 12 cups), which is pretty respectable for a drip brewer.

This is a versatile home coffee machine, with five preset brew options and one custom setting. You can even use this machine to make a cold brew concentrate and, with an optional adapter, to make pour over in your favorite pour over device.

This eliminates the need for two other appliances – a dedicated cold brew maker, and a kettle.

And, while all that might make these appliances sound complicated to use, the straightforward interface is simple and intuitive.

The Breville Precision Brewer, like many espresso machines, includes a proportional–integral–derivative (PID) digital temperature control included with its thermo-coil heating and pump system. This means that this drip brewer has significantly better adjustability and precision than the typical brewer.

It has a fast mode option that one can use to brew twelve cups in a matter of seven minutes. This unique feature makes BDC450 is one of the fastest coffee makers available in the current market.

Though this coffee maker is designed to brew up to 12 cups, users will have the option to brew two to eight cups. You can brew using both small cups and carafe. The machine can detect small cups and can deliver the coffee without any dripping.

Breville BDC450 is a programmable coffee machine. You can program your machine to brew automatically. Also, there is a programmable auto standby mode.

  • Large brewing capacity
  • Programmable standby mode
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Small Brewing capacity
  • Customizable and fast brewing
  • Different brewing options
  • Quality and strong coffee
  • A little tall and heavy
  • A bit pricey

Best K Cup Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Duo Plus

The K-Duo Plus is perfect for coffee lovers who like entertaining. It’s also great for larger families where having the possibility to brew larger quantities of coffee at one time would be both easy, quick and convenient.

Keurig Duo Plus is not just a great looking coffee maker but it can also make the best tasting coffee. It comes in one fashionable black color option. The color goes really well with stainless steel and silver accents of the coffee machine. The machine is extremely compact and makes phenomenal use of space.

Keurig Duo Plus makes coffee brewing really simple, convenient and easy. Saves space, and can brew drip coffee and single serve from one spout.

It comes with some basic features such as strength control, brew pause, and auto-off. I love that Keurig K-Duo Plus is more oriented towards ecology. It is compatible with reusable “My K-Cup” filters.

Duo Plus machine comes with a basket size large enough for 15 tablespoons of ground coffee and 12 tablespoons of decaf (Keurig recommends that we should use one tablespoon of ground coffee for each cup).

The basket drawer can be easily open by pulling it outwards. It comes with a reusable, gold tone mesh filter. To increase the life of the filter the use of a 12 cups paper filter is also recommended.

Best Tasting Coffee Maker

The single serve part allows me to choose between 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz and 12 oz of coffee. The drip coffee maker brewed 6 cups, 8 cups, 10 cups or 12 cups at once.

Keurig K-Duo Plus machine comes with a 12 cups, thermal, stainless steel carafe. The carafe has a design that makes pouring easy. Keurig makes claims that the stainless steel carafe can keep coffee hot for 2 hours.

This coffee maker boasts an adjustable water reservoir. This means that you can adjust the base of the water reservoir to either the back, left, or right of the machine to change up where the reservoir would live on the machine.

This machine comes equipped with a few extra features including Programmable Carafe Auto Brew, which allows the user to set a preferred brew time up to 24 hours in advance.

There is also a feature called Pause & Pour, meaning you can pull the carafe out before it’s finished brewing. The machine will pause the brewing process for 20 seconds so that you can pour a hot cup of coffee.

  • Makes single servings and carafes
  • Adjustable water reservoir
  • Uses k-cups and ground coffee
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Warms coffee for several hours
  • Settings are not very customizable
  • Requires regular cleaning

Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cuisinart DCB-10 

Cold-brewing coffee typically takes hours. This automatic coffee maker has upended that timetable. Instead of steeping coffee grounds for hours, Cuisinart promises to produce cold-brew coffee in as few as 25 minutes.

The cold-brew process makes a cup of coffee that’s up to 67% less acidic than what you get with traditional brewing methods. Being easier on your stomach, cold brewing lets you re-experience the flavor of your favorite freshly roasted beans.

The Cuisinart Automatic Cold Brew Coffee Makers design is very similar to that of a traditional drip coffee maker. The filter basket and water reservoir are at the top, and below is the glass carafe for the finished cold brew to drain into.

The top has a removable water tank, making it easy to fill whether you’re using the tap or a pitcher. The filter basket, which sits inside of the water tank, is made of stainless steel mesh, so no paper filters are needed.

The Cuisinart has a spinning basket at the top that agitates the ground coffee to extract flavor. This process takes only 25-45 minutes, depending on how strong you want your cold brew.

After brewing is complete, you toggle a lever to release your coffee into the glass carafe. The coffee passes through a filter on the carafe to ensure there are no grounds in your finished coffee.

  • No-heat coffee in less time
  • No skill required
  • Filter ree
  • Ready to drink
  • Flat taste

Best Capsule Espresso Machine

Nespresso Vertuo 

Nespresso Vertuo is a single-serve home coffee machine that can be used to brew gourmet espressos and traditional coffee.

With a nice variety of features and a sleek, modern design, the Nespresso Vertuo will look great on your countertop and function twice as well.

The Nespresso Vertuo is one of the best tasting home coffee maker and it is a single-serve machine that makes one cup of java at a time. Instead of brewing an entire pot, you simply stick in a “pod” for making either coffee or espresso.

It’s sleek, it’s pretty self-contained, and there are few kitchens, living rooms or offices you couldn’t sneak one of these into.

Each purchase of the Nespresso VertuoLine comes with 14 complementary pods, and they offer a range of flavors, textures and aromas.

One of the benefits of a single-serve coffee machine is that you can experiment with different blends without worrying about the possibility that you’ll hate something and waste an entire pot on it.

It offers three adjustable cup heights to accommodate small espresso cups, standard coffee mugs, and larger travel mugs.

best home espresso machine

The machine defaults to 1.35 ounces for espresso and 7.77 ounces for coffee, although you can customize these settings to anywhere from 0.3 ounces to 17 ounces. A single button controls the entire coffee machine, and you can adjust the settings via a combination of different button presses.

A latch at the top locks the pod into place and releases it smoothly into the disposal bin after it brews your drink.

VertuoLine takes 15 to 20 seconds to preheat. During the brewing process, the pod spins rapidly due to Nespresso’s trademarked Centrifusion Technology. That tech is supposedly what creates the decadent crema layer of foam. VertuoLine will automatically power down after 9 minutes.

Nespresso-branded Vertuo pods come in five sizes of varying levels of intensity and flavors. This is a good thing.

The different pod sizes mean that while the machine is using the same amount of water for each pod, the different pod sizes determine the intensity of flavor. Espresso, being the strongest, is followed by a double espresso, Gran Lungo (5 oz.), Coffee (7.77 oz.) and Alto XL (14 oz.). There is also a line of pods for milk-based drinks, crafted for milk.

  • Excellent Espresso +”Double Espresso” pods
  • The Aeroccino milk frother severely froths and warms the milk
  • Crema coffee is the best
  • Brew 5 different single serve coffee cup sizes
  • 40 oz. water removable water tank
  • Fast heat up time – 15 seconds
  • The water isn’t hot enough, compared to other espresso machines

Best Single Serve Coffee Maker

Cuisinart SS-10

The SS-10 follows the Cuisinart tradition of well-designed coffee machines that deliver on ease of use combined with the quality of the brew. The overall look of this model is minimalist without compromising on effectiveness.

The Cuisinart SS-10 comes fitted with a large removable water reservoir that increases the convenience of the user. It is easy to just remove the reservoir and carry it to the tap to refill it as it is fully detachable.

Its hot water function lends the machine multi-functionality such as making soup, tea, etc.

It also has an automatic on and off feature that saves energy by switching the machine off once the coffee is done brewing.

This Cuisinart coffee maker is compatible with both traditional ground coffee as well as with K-cup pods. This gives you greater choice when it comes to choosing which kind of coffee you want to have and the ability to switch it up if you so desire.

You get a reusable coffee filter out of the box, for example. That means you can carry on using your existing ground coffee without buying a separate accessory.

It also features basic programming options so you can set your drink up the night before. There are some limited brewing options too, including a temperature tweak.

One of the things we really like about the SS-10 though is the variety of serving sizes it can accommodate.

Although not from Keurig, this is one of the best tasting coffee maker available in the market today.

You can brew up a 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 oz serving. That represents more options than just about any other single serve coffee machine we have tested.

Also unusual is the option to choose between two different brewing temperatures.

It’s not exactly cutting edge stuff, but if you like a hotter drink then it goes some way towards overcoming the temperature issues these machines tend to have.

The SS-10 features a very clear, nicely backlit LCD display. From here you access the brew settings, and it displays a 24 hour clock at other times.

It has an auto-rinse feature, which is really helpful when it comes to keeping the machine in good order.

Both the section that holds the pods and the reusable filter are dishwasher safe, which makes life a lot easier.

  • Elegant and sturdy
  • 5 beverages sizes (4 to 12oz)
  • K-cup compatible
  • Fully programmable (auto on/off)
  • Temperature control
  • Brews delicious coffee
  • Very solid price-to-value ratio
  • Plastic
  • Insufficient transparency on materials and chemicals


Even though we love the craft of slow brewing with intention and patience, these machines are must-haves in a household or office full of coffee drinkers. We think you’ll find the best tasting coffee maker for your needs in our list, but even if you choose another model, you’ll get the best brew if you look for a few important features.

  • Temperature controls that keep water between 195 and 205 degrees during brewing
  • Widely distributed water jets so your grounds are soaked evenly while brewing–Pre-soak features are even better
  • Automatic shutoff of the hot plate, or no hot plate at all, to prevent your coffee from burning after brewing
  • Brew strength selector that allows you to slow down the brewing time–especially useful when you make half a pot or less in a multi-cup machine
  • Water filters ensure clean water for pure-tasting coffee

With coffee – you get what you pay for. Therefore, when choosing something as crucial as your daily coffee machine, it pays to invest. 

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Emily discovered that a perfect cup of coffee is a culmination of wonderfully grown coffee beans and a high-quality coffee maker. She focuses on exploring coffee brewing tips and coffee makers.

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