Best 14 Cup Coffee Maker 2024; Reviews

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Here in this article “Best 14 Cup Coffee Maker” we’ve rounded up 7 top coffee makers with thermal or glass carafe of various types, specifications, and budget. Below, you’ll find in-depth reviews of each, as well as an elaborate buying guide to pick out your favorite.

Buying a 14 cup coffee maker can be a surprisingly difficult decision. Not only are there multiple kinds to choose from—drip, pour over, espresso, French press—but, for most coffee drinkers, it is an appliance that will be used every single day. As a result, convenience and durability are two key areas to keep in mind when searching. A coffee maker typically has a permanent place on the countertop as well, so size and style are also worth consideration. But, above all, we just want a good cup of coffee.

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Best 14 Cup Coffee Maker - Buying Guide

best 14 cup coffee maker

What To Look For In A Good Coffee Maker?

Brewing Techniques

The most popular types of coffee makers are automatic drip, grind and brew, k cup and pod models—but there are specialty coffee makers like French presses, pour-overs and Moka pots, too.

Though there seem to be endless nuances to each brewing option, the real question you should ask yourself is: how patient are you? This might seem like a personal question, but patience really matters when it comes to your coffee game.

Automatic or Manual?

Some of you will prefer the convenience of an automatic system while others want the control offered by a manual coffee maker. Again, there’s no right or wrong answer. Be honest about your needs and choose in line with this.

Ground Coffee or Coffee Beans?

Some coffee purists insist upon buying fresh beans and grinding them at home. For many other people, purchasing pre-ground coffee is the easiest and most fitting way to enjoy great coffee without undue effort. Why not try both methods and see which one you prefer.

Programming Features

If you are the sort of person who likes to tumble out of bed and get some steaming hot coffee into your system immediately, it makes sense to go for a coffee maker offering programmable functionality. If you are a little more patience, this does not need to be a priority.

Auto Shut Off

Are you forgetful? Do you often leave appliances on and then get distracted only to find them boiling over? If so, shoot for a drip coffee maker with auto shut-off so this kind of nightmare is a thing of the past!

Brewing Pause and On/Off Indicator Light

For more advanced features, you’ll probably need to spend a little more. Analyze your requirements honestly and determine whether you really need this frippery or whether a more basic machine would be adequate.

Stainless-Steel Filter Basket or Paper Filter

For reasons of quality and ease of use, we recommend coffee makers with a stainless steel filter.

Glass Carafe or Thermal Carafe

As repeatedly referenced above, thermal carafes are superior. One school of thought suggests glass carafes offer a better taste sensation but this is questionable at best.

Thermal carafes last longer, are much more difficult to damage and will keep your coffee hotter for longer. Thermal wins out every single time in our considered opinion.

Number of Cups

Depending on how to intend to use it, you can get drip coffee machines allowing you to make up to 14 cups. Many also allow you to make single servings or smaller pots so think about you and your family and buy the machine best molded to your needs.

Charcoal Water Filter

Since a large part of a cup of coffee is water, make sure this is not the part that lets you down.


Manufacturers with strong products naturally tend to back them up with decent warranties. Use the length of the guarantee as a rough guide of quality.

Coffee Machine Reviews

Best Overall

Cuisinart DCC-3200

This amazing coffee machine from Cuisinart is one of the best and most easy-to-use programmable 14 cup coffee machines in the marketplace today. 

This Cuisinart machine is not one of the most eye-catching automatic coffee makers on the market. It packs most of Cuisinart’s best innovations over the last few years into a simple, functional design.

It follows the minimalist, no-frills approach of the company’s products. The main body is perfectly shaped and the sleek decorative stainless steel handle helps to beautify it further. There is equally a high-quality glass carafe that fits warmly into the base of the machine. 

The brewing process is completely automatic and it takes less than 30 seconds to prep the coffee machine. The auto brewing program also lets you set the machine to make coffee as much as anytime 24 hours ahead.

With Cuisinart DCC-3200 you can choose your brew options. Either choose from regular for a standard strength coffee, or bold for a stronger, more aromatic full flavour brew. 

This machine also gives you options to choose your amount setting. You can choose to brew a full 14 cup pot or you can choose the one to four cup setting for a smaller pot of coffee.

You can also select how hot the already made coffee in the carafe should be, by adjusting hotplate temperature. Choose a higher setting for the maximum length of keeping warm time, or choose a lower setting if you have brewed a smaller pot and don’t want to burn the coffee.

With many coffee makers, you’ll need to disassemble the entire unit if you want to perform a deep cleaning of the internal mechanisms responsible for brewing your coffee. With the DCC-3200, the self-cleaning mode takes care of this chore for you.

Using this coffee machine is a lot easier than using most other machines on the market. It has an easy-to-view water window for accurate filling. Another impressive thing is the Brew Pause feature that allows users to enjoy a cup of black coffee even before the brewing cycle has finished. In case of a power loss, there will be no effect on the quality of brew you will obtain as the 60-second reset feature recalls settings and position in the brewing process. 

Cuisinart DCC 3200 comes with an auto-shutoff feature. The machine can be programmed to shut down as soon as the brew is finished or anywhere up to four hours after brewing. It comes with a 12 months warranty and a gold tone permanent filter so you don’t need to buy filter papers.

  • Large carafe capacity – 14 cups
  • Easy to clean (Self-cleaning function)
  • It gives you several programming choices
  • Auto shutoff (0-4 hours)
  • Slow brewing
  • It does not support the use of a thermal metal carafe. 

Best Basic 

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

This Hamilton Beach machine is one of the best 14 cup coffee maker if you are looking for an extra large capacity budget coffee maker. Coffee maker easily makes enough for the whole family, brewing up to 14 cups. And the drip-free glass carafe is specially designed to eliminate messy drips.

The FrontFill water reservoir and swing-out brew basket are designed to easily access from the front, letting you fill while the brewer stays in place. No need to move back and forth out from under cabinets every time you brew!

For peace of mind, you can set the shutoff timer on the programmable Coffee maker in 10-minute Intervals up to 4 hours so the Coffee maker is automatically turned off & you don’t have to.

Best 14 Cup Coffee Maker

Its reusable cone filter shape maximizes Coffee flavor and makes it easy to dispose of messy grounds. Plus, the included water filter removes impurities.

This 14-cup Coffee maker has 24-hour Programmability for wake up ready Coffee. The “time since brew” freshness indicator lets you know how long ago the pot was brewed.

You can also use the Coffee maker’s brew strength selector to fit your flavor preference: i.e. regular, bold, or 1–4 cup small batch.

The machine also features a brew pause and serve function.

  • Extra-large 14 cup capacity
  • Cone filter maximizes coffee flavor
  • Auto shutoff for peace of mind
  • Programmable for wake-up coffee
  • 3 Brewing options: regular, bold & 1-4 cups
  • Doesn’t have a drip guard
  • Coffee doesn’t stay really hot

Best Budget Option

Salton Coffee Maker

The Salton coffee maker is also called the Jumbo Java, thanks to the 14-cup volume it can accommodate at one time. Both its glass carafe and its water reservoir have indicator lines to tell you whether or not you’re already running out of coffee or water. With this extremely useful feature, you’ll never have to guess.

The Jumbo Java has got a simple control. Nothing fancy, just a display and several buttons that you can use to set your preferences. With the buttons, you can take advantage of this coffee maker’s 24-hour programmable function.

Aside from the programmability feature, the Salton FC1667 also has the keep-warm (2 hours!) and auto shut-off features. 

This coffee maker also has a Pause-and-Serve anti-drip feature that eliminates overflows, drips, and the buildup of burnt coffee.

Best 14 Cup Coffee Maker

This coffee maker is equipped with a permanent nylon filter. However, as advised by the manufacturer, you can take this out and use paper filters instead, if you prefer those. In case you want to know what size of paper filters the FC1667 can take, you can get a regular size filter.

This coffee maker has all the basic, helpful features that you need to brew for a large group. If you’re looking for something fancy or added features such as a strong-brew option, then this isn’t for you. Otherwise, it should suit your family’s needs. If you’re looking for a large, entry-level coffee maker, then the Jumbo Java is for you.

  • Extra-large 14 cup capacity
  • 24 hour programmable timer
  • Keep warm plate maintains the ideal drinking temperature
  • Pause & Serve anti-drip feature for a quick first cup
  • 2 hour keep warm with automatic shut off
  • Reusable coffee filter
  • No strong brew option

Best with Glass Carafe

KRUPS Savoy 

The black and stainless steel Krups Savoy 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker has a large, easy-to-read LCD screen that lets you program your coffee flavor, temperature, and length of time to keep warm. 

The KRUPS 14 cup programmable coffee maker uses advanced brewing technology to produce outstanding delicious coffee, for the perfect full-flavored start to your day with a difference you can taste. This easy-to-use drip coffee maker is enhanced with ThermoBrew technology that features a three-step brewing process with an oversized showerhead design to produce rich, aromatic coffee bursting with flavor every time. 

Custom settings provide the choice of regular or bold, for coffee just the way you like it, with a small-batch feature that offers ideal brewing settings for smaller quantities. 

A stunning range of convenient features – including a 4-hour keep-warm function, an auto-off feature, the ability to serve while brewing, and more – come together for the perfect home coffee-making package.

Large water tank is conveniently located on the top of the coffee maker for easy and convenient water refill. Use the glass pot to easily measure the amount of water needed. The unit features a side water level windows view with cup-marks for your convenience.

For added convenience and savings, this coffee maker features a permanent gold tone filter.

You can make plenty of tasty coffee with this top 14-cup coffee machine, or you can adjust it to brew just one to four cups.
For the brewing process, you can either make use of the gold mesh permanent filter that comes with it or use paper filters.

The brew basket is cone-shaped, which a number of coffee fans insist makes a better-tasting pot of coffee.

The 70 fl oz. capacity or 14 cup capacity is perfectly suited to both daily use and entertaining guests, producing enough delicious, satisfying coffee for the entire family.

The FlavorMix Tube in the glass pot stirs coffee as it is brewed – for the peak of home coffee-making with a difference you can taste. It mixes new portions of brewed coffee with brewed coffee that is already in the pot. Ensures balanced taste and temperature.

  • ThermoBrew technology for optimized brewing temperature
  • More even extraction with oversized showerhead water dispenser
  • Carafe stirs coffee while it brews
  • Large 14-cup capacity
  • Bold and small batch brewing options
  • Adjustable temperature on the warming tray
  • Doesn’t keep coffee hot for too long

Best Programmable Coffee Maker

Cuisinart PerfecTemp

The Cuisinart PerfecTemp is designed and engineered to produce the perfect brew, cup after cup. The Cuisinart PerfecTemp 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker combines extra-large capacity with fully programmable convenience. 

The machine is designed with an array of custom settings, from 24-hour Brew Start to adjustable Auto-Off, it brews up to 14 cups into a dripless glass carafe. 

You can choose regular or bold flavor and high, medium or low carafe plate temperature, and enjoy the freshest, most satisfying coffee, with a charcoal filter that eliminates water impurities, and a gold-tone filter for superior flavor. 

Different days require different brew strengths. Luckily, this coffee maker allows you to choose between regular and bold, depending on how you’re feeling that morning. If you really need an extra jolt, you can press the “Bold” button to make sure you get an even stronger cup.

Best 14 Cup Coffee Maker

The coffee maker also has a “Brew Pause” feature that allows you to remove the carafe mid-brew to pour that first cup. However, because coffee brewed at the beginning of the cycle will be much stronger than at the end, Cuisinart warns you that sneaking that first cup will affect the overall strength of the final pot. 

If you want only one cup—or a few—there’s another button that lets you indicate that (it’s labeled “1-4”). The machine will alter the brew process to make sure your coffee is the proper strength.

With its fully programmable features, you can program the Cuisinart 14-Cup Glass Carafe Programmable Coffeemaker, which takes up very little room even in a tiny kitchen, with a 24-hour lead time making it seamless to wake up to the delicious aroma of brewed coffee. 

An additional feature: You can set the auto-off button so the coffee maker turns off right away or up to four hours after the brew cycle is finished.

  • Programmable with a 24-hour brew start
  • Temperature-control technology keeps cups piping hot
  • Easy-to-use brew strength control
  • Digital display has a dizzying array of options
  • Lots of parts to clean

Best Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

brim Programmable Coffee Maker

A fresh pot of coffee isn’t just a part of your morning ritual, it is the ritual. With its large shower head for perfectly even coffee ground saturation and easy pour carafe with a flavor infusion lid for consistent brewing distribution, the Brim 14 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker is meticulously designed to retain all the right natural flavors and aromas in your morning cup. Fully programmable up to 24 hours in advance with a freshness timer and a pause & serve function – this is how filter coffee should be.

The machine is one of the best 14 cup drip coffee maker for home. It’s large shower head design brews up to 14 cups of evenly saturated coffee with a 1 to 4 cup setting for full bodied taste when brewing small batches.

Best 14 Cup Coffee Maker

It’s flavor infusion carafe lid evenly distributes coffee throughout the brewing process to maximize the natural flavors and aromas of the grounds, resulting in a hotter, better tasting brew.

The machine is programmable for up to 24 hours in advance with a freshness timer indicating time elapsed since brew and a 2 hour automatic shut-off.

It also features a durable, sustainable & reusable gold tone filter basket to preserve the essential coffee oils passed through the filter and optimize brewing infusion time. 

It’s even equipped with a self-clean setting, non-stick stain-resistant warming plate, and removable dishwasher safe filter for quick and easy cleaning.

  • Get the best extraction and saturation thanks to the rainmaker showerhead dispersing water evenly
  • Clear water reservoir lets you keep an eye on things with ease
  • Extremely sturdy and built to last
  • Capable and accurate heater ensures temperature is right for the best coffee
  • Sleek design means it won’t take up too much space in the kitchen with no sacrifice on quality
  • Like all glass carafes, there’s a concern about fragility and longevity

Best Compact 

CRUX Coffee MakerN

  • Programmable coffee maker
  • Streamlined compact design
  • 14 cup capacity
  • Easy to use

The CRUX 14 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker brings new meaning to no nonsense mornings. Powered with a 1,200 watt brewing system, your coffee is made and kept hot all morning long. 

The 14 cup brewing system makes it convenient to serve a group or the entire family. Pre Programmable settings allow you to prep coffee the night before and indicate your desired strength of brew. 

A pause and serve function lets you snag a quick pour while the pot is still brewing and a specially programmed cleaning cycle makes for easy clean up at the end of the day. 

The machine is made with durable materials & state-of-the-art digital technology, this space-saving & energy efficient machine is designed to complement your kitchen needs.

The coffee maker is designed for those who like refilling their morning cups up to 3 or 4 times. Reason being? It’s capable of keeping your beverage hot for longer. What’s more, it’s fitted with a programmable feature, meaning that it will brew your coffee long before you get up.

This appliance features a pretty simple design. With fresh coffee and filtered water, you can brew a quality cup of coffee at any time. Other features you’ll like in this coffee maker include the auto-start, one-touch brewing and automatic shut-off.

  • Sleek space saving design
  • Value for money
  • Extra large capacity
  • 3 brew strength options
  • Fully programmable
  • Machine is made of plastic


With coffee – you get what you pay for. Therefore, when choosing something as crucial as your daily coffee maker, it pays to invest. You’ll be using it daily, right? Based on an overwhelming number of votes from coffee shops and customers the award for best 14 cup coffee maker goes to the Cuisinart DCC-3200.

It isn’t a hipster, pour over style coffee maker. It’s designed for folks that want a good cup first thing in the morning, or the ability to brew a big enough batch for guests without a lot of hassle.

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