Best 12 Cup Coffee Maker 2024; Top Machine Reviews

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Here in this article “Best 12 Cup Coffee Maker” we’ve rounded up 11 best coffee makers of various types, specifications, and budget. Below, you’ll find in-depth reviews of each, as well as an elaborate buying guide to pick out your favorite.

Coffee is the preferred morning beverage for so many people and many of us can’t quite get our day started without it. 

But, picking out a coffee maker can seem as complicated as your Starbucks order. Not only are there all different types, but they all also have different features, from cappuccino-brewing capabilities to insulated carafes.

So how do you know which one is best for you? We’ve compiled the list of the best 12 cup coffee makers along with a buying guide to help you make your caffeine-fueled decision.

Our guide is the one stop shop for everything you need to know during your buying process. It includes best 12 cup coffee maker reviews of some of the best-selling models available on Amazon, and which coffee maker features should matter the most in your purchasing decision.

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12 Cup Coffee Maker Reviews

Best With Thermal Carafe

Cuisinart Thermal Coffeemaker

The Cuisinart DCC-3400 is a thermal carafe-style coffee maker, meaning that instead of a hot plate, it uses a double-walled stainless container to trap the heat similar to the way a thermos operates.

The DCC-3400 also features a “shower head” to provide full coverage of piping hot water to all of the coffee grounds, allowing for even extraction of all of the flavor compounds. Lesser models often just have a single orifice to supply the hot water to the brew basket.

A shower head design allows for multiple openings to disperse the heated water above the filtering area, which ensures complete saturation.

Furthermore, it comes with a beautiful exterior made of a more Stainless finish compared to other Cuisinart models. This will give you a more durable coffee maker that will serve you for years. You will also get a good-looking coffee maker that can blend in any kitchen interior.

Its handy brew-strength control allows you to select Regular or Bold coffee flavor. You can adjust the flavor exactly the way you prefer it.

The best coffee brewing temperature is 200°F. This cannot be found on most standard coffee brewers. The Cuisinart DCC 3400 coffee maker can reach this temperature to give you hotter coffee of good quality.

The coffee brewed has more flavor and will stay that way without having to use more coffee grounds. 

Additionally, the bold button feature will maintain the hot water inside the brew chamber for some time, adding flavor to your coffee.

The DCC 3400 is fully automatic with the ability to be programmed 24 hrs in advance.

This machine also features a brew-pause feature, which allows you to enjoy a cup of coffee before the brewing cycle has finished.

The display for this unit is the LCD type and it features a back-light, so its data will be easy to read and see, whether it’s bright or dark.

The Cuisinart DCC-3400 includes a “1-4 cup” setting that ensures the water is at full temperature prior to starting, allowing full flavored strength in small doses.

The DCC-3400 comes with a cone style gold tone metal permanent filter, but paper cone style filters will also fit if you prefer less coffee oil and tad bit less silt in your cup of joe.

  • Has a brew-pause
  • Beautiful design
  • Thermal carafe
  • 24-hour brewing options
  • Ready tone alarm
  • The thermal carafe is a little heavy and not a see-through
  • Brewing temperature is not adjustable

Best With K Cup

Keurig K-Duo 

Keurig Duo is an innovative machine in the Keurig portfolio as it incorporates a single cup (k-cup) and a carafe (ground coffee).

Made with plastic, comes in a fashionable black design. It’s super easy and convenient to use, with only 5 buttons to control the machine.

The Keurig K-Duo Essentials Coffee Maker holds a full 60 oz of water in its removable reservoir, which is a good size and easy to refill.

Keurig Duo is made primarily of plastic. It comes in one fashionable black color option. Though bulky and hefty, the unit itself is quite lightweight (about 8 lbs) and can fit on most kitchen countertops.

The Keurig K Duo Essentials is great for a family of coffee lovers with different coffee brewing habits.

This machine is compatible with k-cups and coffee grounds to brew coffee. It does not come with a permanent filter for the coffee grounds basket, but it can fit a flat-bottom, paper filter that is compatible with a 12-cup coffee maker.

best 12 cup coffee maker with k cup

The pot of coffee holds up to 12 cups of coffee. But you have 3 options to choose – 8, 10, 12 cup – depending on your needs.

As for the single serve pod, you have the choice of 8, 10, or 12 ounces.

This makes it perfect for a family of coffee lovers with varied coffee habits. It gives options for those who enjoy either type of brewing system.

This coffee maker shuts itself off automatically 1 minute after brewing a single cup of coffee. The heating plate shuts itself off 2 hours after brewing a carafe.

Its pause and pour feature allows you to get a cup before the entire carafe has finished brewing.

  • Elegant and good-looking design
  • K-cup (single cup) and ground coffee (carafe) functionality
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Multiple beverage sizes: single serve (8, 10, 12oz), drip coffee (8, 10, 12 cups)
  • Auto-off after 1 minute
  • Warming plate off after 2 hours
  • Lack of temperature control feature
  • Not programmable for a single cup side

Best With Grinder

Cuisinart DGB-900BC

This beautiful Cuisinart burr grind and brew thermal 12 Cup automatic coffeemaker offers the best cup of coffee every time.

At the touch of a button, you will be able to get a superior taste of burr ground made and impress your friends and family.

Cuisinart grind and brew thermal automatic coffee makers can maintain the true flavor of the coffee. Also, it grinds beans precisely to deliver the bright and bold taste in each cup.

The 12 Cup thermal carafe is designed to keep your coffee hot and fresh, from the first cup to the last cup the taste is as good as it should be.

The design of the Cuisinart catches the eye while it’s set in the modern kitchen. It looks sleek and elegant for its squarish shape. Though it’s taller, it fits precisely under any cabinet.

On top of the machine, the bean hopper container lid is transparent that lets you watch the beans while grinding.

The drip tray where the carafe sits in such a way that gives you a standard look.

best 12 cup coffee maker with grinder

This machine comes with a bean hopper sitting on top of the machine, that looks ergonomic at the vertical style coffee maker. It can hop up to 8 ounces of beans meaning you can put half a pound of whole coffee beans.

The burr grinder is quite large located on the top of the machine, also it grinds as well as you can kind of expect from a premium machine. The nicest aspect of the machine is it grinds beans automatically before brewing.

This machine comes with a double-wall insulated stainless steel thermal carafe that has a hands-free lid and comfort grip handle, you don’t have to open up the lid after the coffee is made to dispense the coffee in your cup of coffee.

This unit has a charcoal water filter life other machines in its class removing impurities, chlorine, bad taste and odors from the water for the purest coffee at each cup of coffee.

Moreover, it has a permanent cupcake style gold-tone filter to improve the quality of your coffee, you can also use a paper filter if you like.

It also allows you to pause during brewing the coffee meaning when you remove the carafe or cup from its place the flow of coffee stops immediately and gives you 20 seconds to put it back there.

The Cuisinart DGB 900bc has a grind control knob that allows you to select the number of cups you want to brew. It brews from 2 standard cups all the way up to 12 cups of coffee.

  • Built-in grinder and bean storage
  • Highly programmable
  • Auto off
  • Built-in water filter
  • Coffee brewed at optimal time/temperature
  • Excellent warranty
  • Brew-through lid and internal mixing tube
  • Cleaning is not as easy as it should be.
  • Filling the water tank is a little bit tricky.

Best Budget Pick

Hamilton Beach 2-Way

The 2-Way Brewer doubles as a compact single-serve coffeemaker for everyday personal enjoyment and a full 12-cup pot machine.

The Hamilton Beach 49980A Two-Way Brewer offers the ability to prepare either an entire carafe or just a single serving using your favorite ground coffee.

It’s brushed stainless steel and black plastic make for a look that matches a variety of decors.

We also appreciate the pleasantly minimal interface that features just a handful of buttons and a nice, bright digital display.

Hamilton Beach’s ‘cup’ measurement is 5-oz, so the 12-cup glass carafe is capable of holding a fairly generous 60-oz / 1.7 liters of coffee.

On the single-serve side of the machine, you have the option of brewing with a coffee pod or brewing a single cup/thermos of coffee.

This is ideal for those who need a quick sip of coffee before they hit the road, or they just want a smaller serving just for themselves.

Contrary to this, the carafe side of the Hamilton allows you to brew an entire carafe of coffee, up to about 12 cups.

This option is perfect for people who enjoy brewing a large amount of coffee to sip on throughout the day, or if you’re entertaining a large group of people.

The mesh filter provided by Hamilton will allow you to brew over and over again without throwing your money in the trash.

This gold-tone filter fits perfectly on the single-serve side, allowing you to brew whatever roast or blend you may already have. It also has a sturdy handle, allowing you to use it as a coffee scoop.

Another amazing thing about the Hamilton Beach 49980A is that even if you have forgotten to turn it off, it shuts down automatically after two hours.

There is also the brew-pause feature which helps you drink the coffee in the mid brewing cycle. You don’t have to wait for it to be done.

  • The many options – A choice between a large carafe and a single serve
  • The ability to use pods if you don’t have time to grind coffee
  • The price
  • The ease of use
  • The great tasting coffee this machine consistently produces
  • Not compatible with Keurig K-cups 

Best Automatic Pick

Cuisinart DCC-1200

Cuisinart DCC 1200 Brew Central is suitable for a large family of coffee drinkers. It has a large brewing capacity. You can make a carafe to serve up to 12 cups.

In addition, It also has the option for 1 to 4 cups. This comes in handy when you need to make less coffee for the day.

If convenience is vital to you, you will like it that this is a coffee maker with a programmable timer. It allows you to program the time for the machine to start brewing and shutdown.

We love that you can program this coffee pot for up to 24 hours in advance, making it perfect to set up for a lazy Saturday morning. Waking up to the smell of brewing coffee is heaven.

It is no doubt one of the best Cuisinart 12 cup coffee makers available in the market today.

Moreover, It’s sturdy, features brushed chrome accents, and its heating plate is scratch-resistant. There are no delicate parts to worry about either.

The included charcoal filter is designed to make every cup of coffee taste as good as possible.

It will remove any impurities and chlorine in your water, making it perfect for those of us who use tap water to brew coffee.

You won’t have to buy bottled water to get the best possible cup with this charcoal filter. With this coffee maker you can enjoy the pure taste of coffee without any strange aftertaste.

This coffee machine allows you to enjoy hot coffee drinks. The adjustable heater plate gives you three settings to choose from, which include, low, medium and high. You can select the right setting to ensure your coffee stays hot.

Cuisinart’s Brew Central has its own Self-Cleaning cycle that will keep your pot free of calcification in the water reservoir. The brushed chrome exterior wipes clean with a damp towel or sponge.

  • 24-hour advance brew
  • Programmable automatic shutoff
  • Charcoal water filter and permanent coffee filter included
  • Can brew 1-4 cups, or 12-cups
  • Carafe is easy to pour and virtually dripless
  • Adjustable heater plate
  • Has a relatively tall housing

Best Compact 12 Cup Coffee Maker

Braun KF7170SI

The Braun BrewSense KF7170SI is a small, 12-cup drip coffee maker that looks good and delivers great tasting coffee. It has several customizing features and it comes with a reusable gold-tone filter.

The Braun BrewSense KF7170SI is one of the most elegant drip coffee makers we had the chance to review. It looks very stylish and offers much more in addition to its good looks.

This brewer uses the latest technology to perfect the coffee making process and bring you the best possible coffee experience.

The BrewSense has a large, well-lit LED display that shows the time as well as any of the parameters you’ve put in.

It’s equipped with a 12-cup double walled heat resistant carafe with a high-quality plastic handle. The FlavorCarafe has a special lid that seals in the aroma and keeps the coffee inside the vessel hot longer.

12 cup coffee maker cafeish

Braun’s brewer comes with a charcoal filter and a gold-tone reusable coffee filter for your convenience.

And while this coffee maker can brew a full batch of 12 cups, it can also be set to make no more than four. And to make your coffee just the way you like it, you can choose between a bold or regular brew.

This machine boasts of its brew time, but a keener assessment and comparison with other brands will tell you that its duration alone may fall short solely in terms of quickness. The average brew time of the Braun KF7170SI is roughly anywhere between 4 to 8 minutes.

Anyone who is used to operating coffee makers would find the Braun Brewsense 12 Cup Drip coffee maker to be fairly manageable.

While the control panel has 10 buttons, they are neatly arranged right under the LED monitor.

It is safe to say that the carafe can be washed in the dishwasher. Most parts are also BPA-free, making them safe for storing consumable liquids for long-term use. It takes up to 45 minutes for the entire cleaning cycle to be concluded (this includes the rinsing).

  • Elegant symmetrical design
  • Airtight carafe lid seals in the flavor
  • Superior water quality
  • Programmable and safe to use
  • Generous 3-year warranty
  • The water tank is hard to fill

Best With Single Serve

Cuisinart SS-15P1 

The Cuisinart SS-15 Coffee Center is a great 2 in 1 coffee machine that fills in a gap for many households that need(or want) both a drip coffee maker and a single serve coffee maker in one machine.

The Cuisinart SS-15 coffee center combines a 12 cup carafe drip system and a single serve system that works with K-cups and coffee grounds.

Cuisinart driver, along with the texture of stainless steel material. It is made up of marvelous metal without BPA. It represents the glass carafe with a long-lasting alloy steel structure.

Cuisinart SS-15P1 coffee maker contains slim and slender removable water reservoirs of 40 oz. The LCD light blinks when the tank needs to be refilled.

This massive quantity of tank is pretty sufficient for the single-serve brewer or whole carafe pot. The feature of easy-view water windows is excellent for keeping an eye on the container.

Cuisinart SS-15P1 comes with three types of filters. Home Barista reusable K-cup pod filter, Gold-tone coffee filter, and charcoal water filter. The charcoal water filter makes sure that you brew the best quality taste cup.

Cuisinart brewing system features with self-clean and adjustable on/off. The device will turn on after its predetermined timing. It allows us to set brewer time up to 24 hours in advance.

The single-serve coffee maker also comes with adjustable temperature control and auto on/off feature. The temperature control system gives your option to choose the strength of coffee.

It also turns off after the period of inactivity of 30 minutes to save your electricity.

This appliance bold coffee option is excellent for the folks who get a strong flavor cup of coffee. You have to select the Bold button to brew a more robust brew flavor.

  • The machine serves any number of people in any situation
  • Coffee taste is outstanding
  • Auto-off is customizable
  • Brew cycle on both sides is above average speed
  • Uses charcoal water filters for ultimate water purification
  • Puncture mechanism on a single-serve side can be very messy if not calibrated perfectly
  • The machine takes up a large amount of counter space

Best Under $50


The coffee maker comes with a programmable clock and timer, an auto-brew option, and the “on” indicator light for ease of use.

Other features that make this coffee maker so easy to use are the brew-pause function, a nonstick warming plate, and 2-hour auto shut-off for safety.

And to complete your coffee experience, the water-level indicator, glass carafe, and removable filter basket have been included.

The Black+Decker DLX1050B uses quick touch programming to help you quickly set the 24-hour auto brew feature so you can wake up to a fresh pot of coffee.

Its digital controls follow an intuitive operation and programming with the soft-touch buttons, which are easy to wipe clean.

It is no doubt one of the best low cost 12 cup coffee makers in the market today.

It also comes with a programmable clock that comes with a timer that can make a fresh cup whenever you need it.

While DLX1050B looks like any other drip coffee maker, the machine is almost entirely plastic with no stainless steel accents.

Black and Decker DLX1050B has a brew basket large enough to hold coffee grounds for 12 cups of coffee.

Unfortunately, the water reservoir is not removable. It can accommodate about 12 cups of water (or 60oz). You can access the reservoir by lifting the lid on the top of the machine.

The water tank has a water level indicator window that shows how many cups of water are already in it.

The easy-pour carafe has an ergonomic and easy-grip handle for comfortable pouring. This is a sturdy 12-cup carafe that also has measurement markings from 4 to 12 cups, for accurate filling.

The nonstick carafe plate keeps coffee warm for 2 hours after brewing is complete, until the machine shuts itself off automatically.

  • The brewed coffee produced is very hot
  • The filter basket is very easy to use
  • The controls are very easy to use
  • Capability to shut off by itself
  • Carafe is safe for dishwasher use
  • Programmable coffee maker
  • Non-removable water reservoir
  • No permanent filter
  • Made primarily with plastic

Best Drip Coffee Maker

Cuisinart DCC-2650

The Cuisinart Brew Central utilizes the Extreme Brew technology, which promises to deliver that first morning cup of java 25% faster, as well as more efficiently than other products.

The new DCC-2650 is able to brew 12-cups in about 6 minutes with the help of its Extreme Brew Technology.

It also comes with a built-in timer so that you can wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Setting the timer is as easy as doing it on your phone and it can be done in seconds. When it comes to timer utilities, this coffee maker features the Brew Pause option that allows you to sneak a cup before the brewing process is fully finished.

Its Brew Strength Control feature lets you control the taste of your coffee by letting you choose between bold and regular.

One of the biggest taste factors in a perfect cup of coffee is the water it’s made of. The DCC-2650 comes equipped with charcoal and gold-tone filters to remove any added chemicals from the water you are about to brew.

best 12 cup programmable coffee maker

The Cuisinart Extreme Brew DCC-2650 will keep it as fresh and as warm as possible with its adjustable temperature controls that let you choose the hot plate’s settings. Depending on how you like your coffee, you can set the temperature to Low, Medium or High.

The Cuisinart Extreme Brew DCC-2650 is an innovative coffee maker that lets you program the exact time you’d like your coffee. You can set your machine up so that you come home every day to a freshly brewed pot, or you can program it so you wake up to that invigorating smell of fresh coffee every morning.

The auto shut off feature is there to prevent over brewing. It also allows the machine to work with full autonomy, without you having to hover over it to turn it off after it’s done.

The timer can also be used to keep your coffee fresh for up to four hours while it’s sitting on the heating plate.

It is one of the best 12 cup programmable coffee makers available in the market today.

  • Fast brew times (6 minutes for a full batch)
  • Large showerhead design aids in proper coffee saturation
  • Fully programmable
  • Variable temperature hotplate
  • “Clean” feature removes the hassle of maintenance
  • Brews a great cup of coffee
  • Subpar brewing temperature
  • Poor strength controls

Best Programmable With Thermal Carafe


The CM2035B is a practical solution for any time you need coffee because you can adjust how many cups are brewed, even as few as 1-4. And if you’re in a hurry the ‘Sneak-a-cup’ feature will stop the brewing until you place the carafe back on the plate.

The coffee maker features Black & Decker’s Evenstream Showerhead technology which allows the CM2035B to wet the coffee grounds evenly, and therefore, create a better aroma extraction process.

You also can pick your coffee strength – regular, strong or bold – and an LCD display shows how long the brewed coffee has been sitting in its carafe, up to two hours.

With this Black & Decker model, you can program it the night before and wake up to a freshly made pot.

On days when you desperately need that first cup, you can quickly snag a cup using the brew pause function and then replace the carafe so the rest of the brewing can proceed without any mess

best affordable 12 cup coffee maker

You can make 12 cups with this machine, so it’s helpful if you entertain often or routinely make lots of coffee for people who love it. If you don’t need that much coffee, you can opt to use the 1-4 cup option and brew a smaller batch.

This coffee maker has an automatic shut-off function.

You don’t get a beep when the brewing is done or a cleaning indicator telling you when to descale the machine. Instead, you must simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning it once a month.

Overall, it is one of the best simple 12 cup thermal coffee makers which also happens to be quite affordable.

Black+Decker’s 12-cup model requires a basket-shaped filter and water is poured into the rear reservoir, where it subsequently funnels through the coffee grounds and collects in the large carafe.

The front of the machine has just seven buttons which are clearly labeled with selections like Auto, Strong, and 1-4 Cup. Though it makes 12 cups, the unit has a rather small footprint, taking up less than a 7 x 9-inch square on any countertop.

  • Intuitive controls
  • Shows time since last brew
  • Sneak-A-Cup feature
  • Inexpensive
  • Heavy on features (considering low price)
  • No heating coil; relies on thermal carafe

Best Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach (48465) 

If you enjoy a carafe of coffee but not the burnt flavors of hours on a hotplate, the Hamilton Beach 48465 Brewstation could be the answer.

Its innovative internal tank means you get up to 12 cups ready to go at the touch of a button.

And as the coffee is kept away from the air, it stays fresher for longer.

A carafe of coffee sitting for hours on a hotplate means a stale, burnt taste. It will still be hot – but who wants hot, stale, charred coffee?

The BrewStation deals with this by sticking to the Hamilton Beach formula of brewing a carafe. The difference is that here the carafe is actually a reservoir that sits inside the machine. The air can’t get to it and it can be insulated without “cooking” the coffee.

The BrewStation is a good-looking coffee maker. There’s an attractive backlit LED display, which also allows it to double as a kitchen clock.

The BrewStation will brew up to 12 cups but you can brew smaller amounts too. There’s a “one to four cups” option for smaller servings. Just add the correct amount of water and the machine will do the rest.

There’s a gauge on both sides of the machine so you can see how much coffee is left. It’s marked at two cup increments, but beware: the cup measurements aren’t generous.

You can set the coffee maker to brew at your chosen time up to 24 hours in advance. If you love waking to the delicious aroma of coffee, this is a great feature.

There’s also an auto-off function. Programme the machine to switch itself off when everyone’s left for work, and you’ll save on energy costs.

You also have options when it comes to the flavor of your coffee. You can choose from bold and regular – and unlike some other machines, there’s a noticeable difference between the two. If it’s a hot day there’s an iced coffee setting too.

In terms of controls, there are just 6 buttons which have all been clearly labeled, to help you choose the setting you need.

There is also a tactile bar which you press down in order to release the coffee from the brewing container. The water reservoir has water level indicators, which is something to look out for in every coffee machine, as it really helps you to make sure you are not under or overfilling the tank.

They also tell you when it needs to be topped up which is always handy. Lastly, the Hamilton Beach 48465 comes with a one-year guarantee, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a top-quality coffee machine.

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Internal tank keeps your coffee fresher for up to 4 hours
  • Dispense a single cup without the waste or expense of pods
  • The tall unit means it’s hard to fit under kitchen cupboards
  • Refilling and cleaning can be messy

12 Cup coffee maker - Buying Guide

best 12 cup coffee maker cafeish

Features To Look For In A Good 12 Cup Coffee Maker

What kind of coffee do you like?

As you might already know, there are many different types of coffee you can make. Some like a standard cup of coffee, some like it french pressed, espresso, latte, cappuccino, etc.

So, it is very important to know the kind of coffee you like as it will allow you to choose from the different types of 12 cup coffee makers available in the market and will make the buying process simpler and less time-consuming.

How frequently do you take coffee?

If you need your coffee at regular intervals, you can go for the regular 12 cup coffee makers that come with carafe or an insulated mug to make sure that the coffee is prepared beforehand and is safe and hot in the carafe or mug.

But if you are going for a model that comes with a coffee pot and warming plate, remember that the taste of your coffee can turn stale if the coffee is kept in the pot for a long time.

Programmable or Non-Programmable?

Do you want a nearly hands-off coffee making experience in the morning, do you want the coffee waiting for you when you wake up or is the ritual of brewing coffee something you look forward to?

A programmable electric 12 cup coffee maker can have your coffee ready for you when you wake up. Less automated electric machines might require a little more attention, but still, operate with the push of a few buttons.

The overall size of the coffee maker

While the size of a machine won’t affect your cup of joe, if the machine doesn’t fit in the space it is designated for it it can cause a bunch of headaches. Be sure to measure accurately and account for if you need to open the top of the machine to add water and grounds.

What kind of strength and flavor settings are you looking for?

If you and your family have different coffee preferences, look for a machine that lets you change the brewing strength depending on whether you want a weaker or a stronger cup. There are also coffee makers that do a lot more than just brew your standard cup of coffee. They’ll whip up everything from tea to hot chocolate to a fancy cappuccino.

Heating plate or without a heating plate?

Almost all coffee makers have heating plates that the carafe sits on. But if you like to sip your coffee over the course of a few hours, letting it sit on the hot plate can lead to a burnt and bitter taste.

Instead, you’ll want a coffee maker that also has temperature control settings that you can adjust throughout the day or an insulated stainless steel carafe to keep the coffee warmer for longer.

Best 12 cup coffee maker


There are two types of filters, coffee filter and water filter. The water filter is important for the taste and quality of the water that you end up drinking. To remove any traces of chlorine and other chemicals. The coffee filter is important as it stops coffee grind from leaking into the coffee.


An auto-shutoff is also a valuable feature to appraise as it not only saves your coffee maker from unwanted damage but also saves unnecessary consumption. It keeps your mind at ease if you somehow forgot to hit the switch before heading out to the work.


With coffee – you get what you pay for. Therefore, when choosing something as crucial as your daily coffee maker, it pays to invest. You’ll be using it daily, right? Based on an overwhelming number of votes from coffee shops and customers the award for best 12 cup coffee maker goes to the Cuisinart Stainless Steel Thermal Coffeemaker.

It isn’t a hipster, pour over style coffee maker. It’s designed for folks that want a good cup first thing in the morning, or the ability to brew a big enough batch for guests without a lot of hassle.

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