Best Coffee Maker With Milk Frother 2024; Reviews

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Here in this article “Best Coffee Maker with Milk Frother” we’ve rounded up 9 top coffee machines with milk steamer of various types, specifications, and budget. Below, you’ll find in-depth reviews of each, as well as an elaborate buying guide to pick out your favorite.

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Best Coffee Maker with Milk Frother - Buying Guide

best coffee maker with milk frother

To help you make a smarter buying decision, we’ve created this informative coffee maker buying guide with a number of factors that you should consider before buying a coffee maker.

Things To Consider In A Good Coffee Maker

What kind of coffee do you like?

As you might already know, there are many different types of coffee you can make. Some like a standard cup of coffee, some like it french pressed, espresso, latte, cappuccino, etc. So, it is very important to know the kind of coffee you like as it will allow you to choose from the different types of coffee makers available in the market and will make the buying process simpler and less time-consuming.

How much coffee do you generally have in a day?

If you only need a cup or two to begin your day, you can go with a single serve coffee maker or a machine that has a capacity of 2-4 cups. If you are an ardent coffee-lover and need something bigger, you can go with larger dip coffee makers that come with automatic features. Most of the large models have a capacity of 10-12 cups.

You prefer automatic or hands-on experience?

Making an authentic espresso or cappuccino at home can be time-consuming. Some home coffee makers take the work out of the process, automating steps like grinding beans, measuring and tamping the grinds before pulling a shot, and foaming the milk automatically.

Automated machines tend to be faster and more expensive than more hands-on models, but they provide less customization for your beverage.

Milk frothing

A few coffee makers have a spout designed to froth milk. If you enjoy milk-based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos, this feature is a must. Automated frothing can save some time but often doesn’t create as fine a foam (often resulting in bubbles instead of a smooth, whipped-cream texture). Look for a frothing spout that is easy to remove and clean, as bacteria will quickly proliferate if you don’t thoroughly clean the frother after each use.

Brew Sizes

While different single serve coffee brewers have different brewing sizes, generally it ranges from a small 3 oz. cup to large travel mugs. No matter if you enjoy small cups or large travel mugs, this highest rated coffee maker is sure to deliver outstanding results.

Single Serve / pod / capsule or ground coffee?

If it is a pod-style brewing system, the coffee comes in a pre-measured container with the right amount of grounds for one serving. Insert the pod into its slot, add water to the reservoir, and press brew. The water is forced through the pod and the coffee is dispensed directly into your cup or to-go mug. Some single serve machines function the same as the automatic drip style.

This quick and easy brewing method is ideal for personal servings of one cup of coffee.

Single serve coffee makers must be plugged into a socket, so they generally live on the countertop, especially if they are used every day.

The air-tight pods are available in a variety of coffee strengths and flavors, including hot chocolate and tea.

On a daily basis there is very little cleaning and no measuring required with this type of coffee maker. Like an automatic drip coffee maker, this style should be thoroughly cleaned regularly.

Water Filter

A lot of coffee makers have water filters to eliminate foul odor and taste from the water. Some of them also come with a carbon filter. However, if you go with a machine that uses a water filter, remember that you will be required to replace them at regular intervals.

Self-Clean Cycle

These are some top rated coffee makers that ask you to insert water and white vinegar solution to automatically clean the machine. There are many other models that notify you when it’s time to clean the machine.

Coffee Maker With Frother Review

Best Overall

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

The Ninja Specialty CM401 is a terrific all-in-one machine, capable of brewing hot and iced coffee, lattes, macchiatos, and other specialty brews.

This model is also packed with features, including an over-ice brew mode for iced coffee, a built-in milk frother, brew-strength control, and brew-size adjustment for everything from travel mugs to full carafes. It’s one of the most versatile home coffee machines we’ve come across.

One of the greatest things about the Ninja is its ability to perform a variety of operations while using a small amount of space.

It is one of the best coffee maker with milk frother for home as it has multiple brewing options, and it’s the machine that can efficiently and effectively make almost any kind of coffee you prefer.

Another great feature about the ninja is its variety of brewing sizes. With a knob-shaped dial, you can choose between the offered sizes, giving you complete control exactly how much coffee you brew.

The sizes include a small cup (9.5 oz), large cup (11.5 oz), travel mug (14 oz), large travel mug (18 oz), half of a carafe, and a whole carafe.

Each of the Ninja brewers comes equipped with Auto-IQ One Touch Intelligence.

It means that the machine measures out the correct amount of water for the brew and quantity you program in. Simply choose the type of brew you would like along with the serving size and add the appropriate amount of coffee.

In addition, the single cup brew feature on the Ninja Coffee Bar machine is pod-free. You simply use your (freshly) ground coffee of choice as you would if you were brewing a full carafe.

You can even set the timer and hit the “delay brew” button to prepare your coffee at a predetermined time.

The Hot and Cold Brewing System can make an array of hot and iced beverages using its five brewing styles: Classic, Rich, Speciality, Cold Brew, and Over Ice.

Like the Coffee Bars, this Ninja home coffee machine has an integrated frother that will turn both hot and cold milk into velvety foam for an array of drinks.

  • Very sleek design 
  • Simple and straightforward to use and maintain.
  • Six brewing sizes and fixed brewing sizes.
  • It boasts a smart recognition system in its basket and displays separate settings for coffee and tea
  • You can brew directly in your cup and can either use bagged loose tea and coffee
  • No pot warmer to keep the beverage warm
  • The thermal carafe is not sealed

Best Dual Coffee Maker

De’Longhi BCO430

The espresso maker is on the left side of the unit and includes the group head (where the filter basket attaches), a water tank, milk frother, and a warming tray. The right side of the unit contains a standard coffee maker that can brew up to 10 cups of coffee.

Each side of the unit has its own water tank so the two sides can function separately and simultaneously.

The default manual frother is an excellent addition to all the coffee machines. However, this machine is a notch above every other coffee maker, mixing the steam and the milk to create exceptional thick foam, which is a delight for every coffee lover.

This machine also has a dedicated water filter, which will automatically eliminate all harmful particles, So you can enjoy a clear and mineral-free coffee.

Moreover, you can easily make two espressos in one shot, just use the included two-cup espresso coffee filter instead of the option for one cup or one pod. Yes, you can use easy serve espresso (E.S.E.) pods in this machine.

The brew unit can’t be removed, so you’ll want to clean it periodically via a cleansing tablet, and the controls are no more complex than your average drip-brew coffee machine. It’s just that there are a couple of extra buttons and options.

Best Coffee Maker With Milk Frother

What’s really great about this nice little machine is the fact that you can use your favorite coffee pods or just use your favorite ground coffee.

Make anything from a simple shot of espresso to a rich and creamy cappuccino in your own kitchen, with the push of a button and the turn of a knob. Powered by 15 bars of steam power, you can easily extract all the best parts of the espresso bean. In no time, you’ll have a strong shot of espresso with rich, thick foam to top it off with.

An added safety feature of locking in the filter will help reduce the risk of accidents and clean up is a breeze with a detachable drip tray and water tank.

  • Polished, modern look
  • Brews a lot of coffee at once
  • Simultaneously makes drip coffee and espresso drinks
  • Long setup and cleanup
  • Expensive

Best Pod Coffee Maker 

Nespresso Lattissima Pro

For those looking to make excellent espressos, lattes and cappuccinos at home, without the hassle of a manual machine, Nespresso’s top-of-the-line Lattissima Pro is the way to go.

The De’Longhi Nespresso Lattissima Pro combines the efficiency of a capsule system with the convenience of a built-in, automatic milk frother.

The milk system is automated, and capsules are super easy to use, even for someone that’s never touched an espresso machine before.

It makes creating multiple drinks straightforward. So, whether you enjoy a straight-up shot or a macchiato, you can in just a few minutes.

The machine’s stainless steel exterior has a great look and feel. Unlike many machines, it is not bulky. Nespresso has genuinely created a beautiful piece of kitchen equipment with attractive lines. The simplistic style gives it a timeless appearance, and it does not take an excessive amount of counter space.

The machine is undoubtedly one of the best coffee makers with milk frother. The one-touch features built-in to the Nespresso Lattissima Pro include: Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato, Warm milk froth and Hot water.

Best Coffee Maker With Milk Frother

The water reservoir located at the back of the machine holds 44 ounces of water, and the location does not take away from the appearance of the device. 

The Nespresso Lattissima Pro has a built-in milk frother that is easy to adjust for the perfect foam.

The descaling options make it easy to maintain your machine. Just follow the simple steps to perform the descaling. 

A pod disposal system makes it easy to remove used pods from the machine. It can hold up to 16 pods before you have to empty the container. You can also send the pods to Nespresso to have them recycled.

A foldable, metal cup rest, unique to the Pro among the Lattissima models, lets you accommodate glasses up to 5.5 inches tall or small espresso cups.

Refilling the water reservoir is simple. A pop-up lid on the top of the tank lets you refill the tank without removing it from the machine, or pull the tank off and fill in your sink. 

  • Multiple functions for coffee and more
  • Small footprint saves counter space
  • Nearly hands-off operation
  • High price might be off-putting
  • Uses pods rather than ground coffee

Best Budget Pick

Mr. Coffee Café Barista

The Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista automatically pulls shots of espresso, steams milk, and creates cafe-style coffee drinks at the push of a button. The coffee machine also has a removable milk reservoir that’s refrigerator-friendly for easy storage.

This is a semi-automatic, 15-bar espresso machine. It features a one touch control panel, so you can easily brew plain espresso, lattes, or cappuccinos with single and double shot options for each. The milk frother is automatic, so you don’t have to worry about jumping into the world of latte art and milk frothing if you aren’t ready yet. 

The Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista is a solid bargain buy, but naturally exemplifies the validity of the tradeoff between price and quality. 

Like with all inexpensive espresso machines, you as the barista are going to find yourself sacrificing some of the consistency of your espresso and coffee drinks.

Best Coffee Maker With Milk Frother

The buttons on the front of the machine are clearly labeled with the corresponding drink, and there are manual and automatic options. 

The milk reservoir conveniently fits within the unit, and it’s removable, so leftover milk can be stored in the fridge when not in use. The frother also has a clearly labeled knob that controls how much froth goes into each drink.

Like most home espresso contraptions, the Cafe Barista comes with a portafilter for both brewing shots and loading the machine with grounds. 

It’s essentially a metal filter attached to a sturdy handle that you must lock tightly into place under the Cafe Barista’s brew head. Mr. Coffee also includes two filter baskets to choose from, for single and double shots.

  • Affordable price
  • Most parts are suitable for dishwashing
  • Heats up in 3 minutes
  • Modern design
  • Removable frother allows you to store the extra milk elsewhere
  • Easy to understand controls
  • Cannot accommodate tall cups
  • Works loudly

Best Capsule Coffee Maker

De’Longhi EC155 

This machine is perfect for someone who desires the convenience of having a very easy-to-use espresso and cappuccino machine at home.

The De’Longhi EC155 is equipped with a stainless steel boiler, which is monitored by an integrated thermostat separate from the thermostat that measures the temperature of milk when frothing.

Perfect for lovers of espresso, americanos, and cappuccinos, the De’Longhi EC155 also creates two kinds of coffee beverages, brewing a straight espresso or a cappuccino, depending on what you’re in the mood for.

Espresso is extracted using the 15-bar pressure pump to get quality, balanced espresso every time you brew.

Aside from the easy operation of the brew cycle, the self-priming system creates a smooth start-up without needing to prime manually, meaning the process is automatic, convenient, and hands-off. Just turn it on, start your brew, and stop it once you have the desired amount of espresso.

This machine is no doubt one of the best coffee makers with milk frother. The De’Longhi is compatible with E.S.E. coffee pods as well as with normal ground coffee, so you can choose the coffee type that best suits your convenience.

The De’Longhi EC155 comes with a built-in swivel jet frother. The frother is connected to the cappuccino maker just next to the portafilter and designed with a natural angle for milk steaming and frothing.

The brewer is equipped with a cleaning light to let you know when your machine is in need of descaling.

The dual function filter holder also makes cleaning out the portafilter easy. Keeping your portafilter and tamper clean is important to the longevity of the machine and the quality of your brew.

  • 15 bars of pressure
  • Uses pods or grounds
  • Swivel jet frother
  • Great value
  • Good for espresso beginners
  • Includes cup warmer
  • Mediocre form factor quality
  • Steam dial operation is required to use frother

Best Single Serve Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Cafe 

If you love the taste and convenience of K-Cups, the Keurig K-Cafe is the most advanced machine out there. It ups the variety with 6 different brew settings and an integrated milk frother that allows you to make a reasonable facsimile of cappuccinos and lattes.

It does all this with the trademark Keurig convenience, ease of use, and ease of cleaning (even the milk frother is dishwasher safe).

When it comes to customizability, the Keurig K-Café coffee maker is very different from any other Keurig machines.

The first and most obvious one is the milk frother: it works with different types of fresh milk (including dairy-free alternatives), it can froth both hot or cold milk.

The other unique feature is the Shot button, which complements the frother.

K-Cafe is undoubtedly one of the best k cup coffee makers with milk frother.

It gives you a stronger, espresso-style shot of 2 ounces that you can use as a base to create frothy drinks. However, it’s worth noting that it’s not actual espresso, as that can only be achieved by pushing hot water under sufficient pressure through fine grounds.

Best Coffee Maker With Milk Frother

While it’s popular for frothy drinks, the K-Café will obviously give you regular drip coffee in different cup sizes (4, 6, 8 or 10 ounces) and you’ll also be able to get a stronger brew if you wish.

Another strong point for this machine is the 60 oz reservoir, which will allow you to brew adequate times without even worrying about running out of fuel.

Obviously, the fact that this machine is compatible with the K-Cup coffee pods is one of the main features and it will allow you to make coffee fast and easy, without worrying much about cleaning.

The frother is dishwasher safe and is easy to clean by hand too.The pod container – which will obviously get slightly dirty, the materials are easy to clean and coffee tends to be easier to wipe. It will not stink like milk if you forget to clean for a few hours.

The handy descaling reminder will also alert you when it’s time to run white vinegar or Keurig’s descaling solution through your coffee maker.

  • Easy to use and setup
  • Multi brewing options 
  • Shot and Strong Brew options
  • Brewing times are fast
  • Easy cleaning
  • Frother that works like a charm
  • Good looking design
  • K-Cup compatible
  • Compatible with Reusable k cups
  • Milk drinks leave a bit to be desired

Best With Milk Frother

Nespresso Vertuo Plus

If you like the taste and convenience of Nespresso but think the pods are too small for a knock-your-socks-off dose of caffeine, consider the alternative, Nespresso Vertuo system. Where the contents of a standard Nespresso capsule weigh in at a pretty paltry four grams, a single-shot Vertuo espresso capsule contains a much more substantial seven grams.

But it doesn’t stop there because the whole concept of the Vertuo system is to provide a range of coffee styles and five different pod sizes to suit everyone.

This one of the best single serve capsule espresso machine is sleek, it’s pretty self-contained, and there are few kitchens, living rooms or offices you couldn’t sneak one of these into.

Nespresso’s coffee pods use enticing colors, and while the machine looks pretty low-key, it’s deceptive. Clicking the silver leaver at the front raises the top of the machine, where you leave the coffee pod to spin up to 7000 times a minute to blend ground coffee and water to produce the perfect crema.

The tiny dashes on the sides of the pod are actually a barcode – the machine reads this to tailor its blending technique to suit the capsule.

The Vertuo range is made up of three different sized capsules capable of delivering five different types of extraction: Espresso, Double Espresso, Gran Lungo, Mug and extra large Alto. The single-shot Espresso capsule produces 40ml of coffee, the Double Espresso 80ml, the Gran Lungo 150ml, the Mug 230ml and the Alto a whopping 414ml.

As explained above, each capsule comes with a different barcode which the machine reads before extracting the perfect dose.

There’s no getting around it, the Vertuo pods make great-tasting coffee. From crema to decent espresso and long blacks, it gets close to doing it all. And there’s no “adding two pods to get a bigger coffee” vibe of pods of yore.

The Nespresso VertuoPlus by Breville’s compact design makes it easy to keep on your countertop or store where space is limited. It boasts a 40-ounce water tank that can swivel out easily.

The motorized head opens with a light lift, different from traditional Keurig machines that often require a forced push and thus increase the chance of wear and tear.

The machine can also automatically eject the used capsules into a hidden container, saving you from burning your fingertips by manually taking out the pods.

For the eco-conscious coffee lovers, the capsules can be dropped off at various collection sites and their boutique retail stores for the manufacturer to recycle.

Perhaps the greatest aspect of Nespresso’s machines is how user-friendly they are. You’d be hard-pressed to find something that’s easier or more intuitive to use. Even someone who’s never seen a Nespresso machine before could figure out how to work it with relative ease.

  • No-fuss functionality
  • Ridiculously easy to use
  • Produces rich, full-bodied coffee
  • Delivers thick crema
  • Offers more possibilities for coffee variants than similar models
  • Water reservoir swivels to fit various spaces
  • Cost of the pods is high
  • Larger pod size takes up more storage space

Most Versatile

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System is a coffee maker that brews tasty drip coffee, lattes complete with frothed milk, hot tea and makes chilled drinks over ice. On top of that versatility, this countertop machine can also serve drinks in multiple sizes, ranging from small cups to full carafes.

The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System is a combination coffee maker that may be the most versatile option on the market. There is more to choose from than just hot or cold coffee, and that means almost endless drink choices.

This automatic coffee maker is made almost entirely from plastic, the surface of the appliance is a glossy, piano black. This, plus sleek LED indicators and a few silver highlights, give the coffee maker a stylish appearance.

It comes with a 50-ounce double-walled thermal carafe, but you can brew directly into a mug of your choice.

As a bonus, this machine boasts two permanent filters, one for coffee and the other for tea. The Smart Basket recognition identifies which basket to use to avoid cross-contamination.

One of the coolest features on the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System is the frothing arm. It’s even retractable, so it doesn’t alter the profile of your machine when it’s not in use.

It’s Specialty Mode brews a specific size of bold, robust coffee. It’s best described as espresso-like.

Since it doesn’t require the pressure of a pulled shot, this coffee isn’t going to deliver a creamy, thick shot. But it is a concentrated brew that makes a decent cappuccino or latte.

Making coffee in the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System is a heavily automated affair. The machine has no manual modes at all. In fact, the Ninja System decides one critical brewing parameter that’s usually up to you — the amount of water it uses.

This brewer tackles tea too. The Ninja System’s separate tea filter can accept both loose-leaf or tea bags. The machine detects the filter when you insert it into its slot. You then choose between herbal, black, oolong, white and green presets to match what you’d like to brew.

The machine is programmable so you can program the delayed brew with the time you desire, and your coffee will be ready when you need it.

When it comes to cleaning the Ninja detects build-up and alerts you on the display by illuminating a “clean” message below the “start” button.

  • Provides lots of options
  • Simple to use scoop works great for beginners and convenience
  • Easy to clean
  • Great value for coffee drinkers who like variety
  • Single serve option with no pods
  • Some brewing methods (cold brew in particular) are louder than typical drip brewers.
  • Machines is a bit tall

Best With Automatic Frother

Mr. Coffee CoffeeHouse

If you just wish to control the tamping of coffee grounds and yet love to have latte without the manual frothing, Mr Coffee One Touch CoffeeHouse is a great option for you.

This is a semi-automatic espresso machine with an automatic milk frother. It allows you to tamp your coffee grounds in the portafilter. It also comes with an automatic milk frother which steams and froths the milk automatically for you and delivers the frothed milk directly to your espresso.

With one push of a button, this machine will produce the perfect cup of java every time. Absolutely no second guessing on what to push or how many times. Simply choose from 1 or 2 espresso shots based on the size of the mug.

Mr Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse features an automatic milk frothing system that takes action after the selection of espresso shots is chosen. Simply turn the dial to adjust the amount of stirring you want and it does all the rest.

This is one of the best coffee makers with milk frother available in the market today. It has a significant 19 bar pressure system, this machine brings the highest quality taste around. You will be certain that every cup brewed has the exact espresso flavor you want.

It’s innovative thermo-couple heating system ensures quick, uniform heating of your beverage. This is extremely important not only for the taste, but for each cup, every time. This machine brings consistency to every drop with a 3 thermo-couple system.

The machine has an adjustable cup setting to fit anything from your cupboard. That means that even a thermos for your morning commute can be filled with your favorite cup of java.

Mr Coffee cappuccino maker also has a one touch cleaning button. This cleaning button sends a cycle through the machine to give it a good rinse out.

This is important maintenance that is hassle free compared to other devices that call for special cleaning packets, etc.

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Powerful pump
  • Seamless water heater
  • Easy to clean
  • Makes espresso, cappuccino, latte
  • A bit of learning curve


These coffee makers with milk frother work well for anyone who wants the ease of making espresso, cappuccinos, and lattes at home but isn’t looking to make a big investment.

They are competitively priced, with standard features and a few extras. The coffee machines that we have reviewed in the article are fantastic coffee/espresso machines, they will get you where you need to go as you get the feel of brewing. We hope you enjoyed our “Best coffee maker with milk frother” review. Let us know what you thought in the comments.

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